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written by Frank White    
It’s hard to believe that Daz and Kurupt will probably not ever make records together again. After speaking his mind in “The Sauce”, Daz blesses us with an independently released EP. Eight tracks deep it is very close to matching an average album minus the skits. One of the songs recorded with Tupac appears on this album, and is a welcome addition. Not wanting to get off subject but this brings me even closer to believe that Pac was the most hard working mc in the history of hip hop. The album seems to follow the trend of west coast releases from the Death Row era. There are a lot of party tracks, and the lyrical content is kept on a 7th grade level. Most of those artists could make up for that deficiency with their flow, but Daz unfortunately can not.

As intended, the first thing that comes to a west coast fan will be… how is that track with pac? The recording seems to be from the late makaveli era, and is easily the best track on here. Second in line would have to be “love happiness”, with its pleasant blend of New Orleans Blues with west coast Gangsta Funk. “She said I wanna fuck, suck/ you can cum on my mat, on my face and you can cum on my rug” and many more phrases like it push this track over the edge.

Except for the two tracks mentioned above, everything else on this EP is just plain bad. All the beats are outdated and sound as if they were made on a cheap casio keyboard. There is nothing here that we haven’t heard a million times already. Corny west coast party tracks just don’t do it for me anymore. The female guest on “when the feeling is right” has to be the worst mc on the planet, and that is not an easy spot to fill. I think that Daz just wanted to make some loot off of the single with Pac, and filled the rest with filler so he could charge more money for it. It’s hard for me to recommend this release to anyone, but the most hardcore fans.

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