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In this day and age of watered down lyricism, lackluster content and thugged out imagery it is great to see an emcee break from the norm and actually take pride in what he represents. Born and raised in Buffalo but now residing in Kansas City, Ensyght is an emcee with a mission. This mission is made quite clear straight from the beginning, as Ensyght proclaims on the album's magnificent intro, "my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to keep non violent Hip Hop resurrected". This is the mindset of Ensyght and the theme you can expect throughout "Quiet Nites". Ensyght is a self labeled "conscious emcee" who is out to represent not only Hip-Hop in its purest form but life and its struggles.

While Ensyght may reside in the Midwest, his sound represents anything like those surrounding his area. If one was actually going to make a comparison to another emcee to describe Ensyght's style and vibe it would definitely be along the lines of a younger Common. Ensyght's voice, flow, lyricism & style all resemble the Chicago emcee, which is a pretty good comparison for anybody to have.

Musically, what fans can except out of "Quiet Nites" is a journey through the life of Reynaldo Tores a.k.a. Ensyght. One of the standout tracks featured on the album is "Sophia", a heartfelt dedication to a love gone wrong. Ensyght pours his heart and soul into the beautifully crafted track, giving you a birds eye glimpse of his life. Another similar effort comes from "Complete" featuring Onialee, an insightful and soulful track that will certainly have you vibing. The tracks hook is one of its strong points, as it's been frequently used before, but still comes off nice, representing the tracks vibe perfectly.

The conscious side of Ensyght is mostly played out through the albums entirety, especially on songs like "Stress Free", "They All Know" and the spoken word sounds of "I Am A Poet", "Eff You" & "Alone". "Stress Free" is a very dope depiction of life's hardships, struggles and stressful events, as Ensyght perfectly says himself. "I stay stressed out when I'm focused on tomorrow. And since I'm promised nothing it makes me wanna holla. At times I wanna end my own life, but no I can't do it, I won't do it, I love music". "They All Know" is another uplifting song that features a very smooth and soothing beat by producer Base Jase. The songs hook is very simple yet catchy enough to stay in your head long after the track has come and gone. Lyrically the songs content is superb, filled with a lot of meaning and substance.

While the majority of "Quiet Nites" can be labeled as conscious music, Ensyght does prove he can do much more. "Rooted Deeply" features a more hard-core beat that Ensyght rips nicely with his verse. However, fellow emcee Rhyme Heavy ends up as the tracks highlight, as he puts forth two great verses. This kid definitely has some skills and makes the combination between him and Ensyght a good one. "Rock Tah This" featuring F.O.S. is another more hard-core effort from Ensyght, however the track doesn't come off as nicely as "Rooted Deeply". The songs hook could have definitely used some touching up, along with the track's beat, but the nice scratching thrown in does fit nicely.

By now you can tell that Ensyght is indeed a very dope lyricist, who is not just an emcee but a poet. His lyrics are deep, insightful and well crafted on every track, thus making "Quiet Nites" a very solid album front to back. However, the album's only flaw is its production at times. While a lot of tracks feature some good production, at times the beats featured on the album don't match the lyrical standards of Ensyght. "Say Somethin" is a very awkward and unorthodox track that features a bad production effort from Base Jase who provides most of the albums production. Unfortunately, this time around the experimental sound doesn't fit the album's flow or Ensyght's style. Other times when the production aspect doesn't live up to its standards are on "Quite Nites", which features a shaky vocal sample that doesn't quite fit in and "Why I Write". "Quite Nites" is actually one of the best conceptual tracks on the album, as Ensyght spits about his family and the hardships growing up. However, while listening to the track you just know that deep down it could have come off a lot better if the production was top notch.

As with any album, flaws are bound to appear, but don't overlook the overall picture of "Quiet Nites". The album is a nice debut for Ensyght, who shows a lot of lyrical talent and ability to create great conceptual matter. While the average rap head may not appreciate the albums conscious vibe and label it as too preachy. Those that understand its true value will be able to appreciate what Ensyght has to offer. Lyrically Ensyght is where he needs to be in order to move ahead in the industry. As long as he keeps progressing and gathering better production in the future, there is no reason his future albums wont keep getting better. If you are a fan of conscious Hip Hop and emcees who want to do more with their talent than just strike it rich than "Quiet Nites" is certainly for you. For more info on Ensyght visit www.ensyght.com.

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