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Producer extraordinaire Kanye West rose to fame through his work on Jay-z’s classic “Blueprint” album with such joints as “Takeover”, “Izzo” & “Heat Of The City”. This rag's to riches rise to fame has lead to Kanye becoming one of the most sought out producers in the industry. He had laced joints for everybody from Scarface to Mos Def to the whole Roc-a-fella crew. However, months ago Kanye was injured in a serious car accident, leaving the producer battered and bruised. “Get Well Soon” is a mixtape dedicated to Kanye and his short but successful career. It features a variety of songs he has produced along with some of his own songs now that Kanye is a full-fledged emcee in the public’s eye.

“Get Well Soon” is an enjoyable mixtape which will show Kanye’s vast array of talent behind the boards. You have the newfound Jay-z classics in “This Cant Be Life”, “Izzo” & “Heart Of The City” along with other Roc-a-fella appearances by Beanie Sigel “The Truth” & “Nothing Like It”, Cam’ron “Dead Or Alive” & “Takeover Freestyle”, State Property with “Got Nowhere” and Freeway with “Show Go On” featuring Twista. Most of Kanye’s finest work has come from within the Roc studios, as the label was quick to snatch up the emcee/producer.

However, Kanye’s outside production appearances have been just as memorable. You have the newfound hits with Trina & Luda’s “B R Right”, which is a different step and vibe than those of the soulful sounds in the past. The track shows Kanye’s ability to produce a variety of sounds. “Brown Sugar” sees Kanye finally hook up with the perfect recipient of his wonderful production Mos Def. The two definitely feed off of each other’s vibe, along fellow Blackstarr member Talib Kweli on 2002’s smash “Good To You”. The mixtape continues on this sort of theme throughout its entirety, mixing production credits with his own personal tracks. It is on these personal tracks that Kanye rhymes on where the LP tends to become less interesting.

As his verse on Jay-z’s “The Bounce” showed, Kanye West is not the best emcee. Lyrically he is simple, generic and boring. His flow is his strong point, as he indeed posses a tight one along with some nice Chicago flavor on the mic. But if lyrical substance is what you are looking for than Kanye will be a big disappointment on the mic. His production is so good that putting himself on the track is almost a throw away. Tracks such as “Home”, “My Way” and his Jay-z impersonation of “A Million Freestyle” are all lyrical blunders. But as always the production is masterful. “Through The Wire” is the finest joint from Kanye yet even though he rhymes while still under his medical condition. Kanye had a metal plate inserted in his chin and re-constructive surgery, but still has the guts to rhyme his heart out over the beautiful track. The Kanye trademark of ingenious samples comes through once again with another soulful melody while Kanye spits about his accident and rehabilitation. While he may not be the best lyricist he definitely has heart.

“Get Well Soon” is a nice pick up for those looking to hear some of Kanye’s finest work behind the boards and what he has to offer behind the mic for the future. We should just be thankful Kanye is here today after everything he has gone through.

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