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Hailing out of Massachusetts, Emcee L-E-F-T comes off as your average underground emcee. He posses a very unique voice combined with abstract lyricism which will draw many assumptions upon first listen. However, once you can get past the deep abstract lyricism and b-boy heroics, inside lays a very deep insightful emcee that uses his voice on the mic to do much more than the average. Tinkering on the boarder line of abstract and conscious, Left is an emcee hard to get into at first but after awhile you start to recognize exactly what he brings to the table. Fans of conscious, social and political emcees will definitely appreciate what Left brings to the table. And as he says himself on "Inaugural Ceremony", what you can expect out of Left on "Rule By The People" are "in depth reflections and abstract topics".

You can tell straight off the bat that Left is a true lyricist and poet. Any doubts of such can be erased after listening to "Hear What I Think", an amazing acappella reciting of Left's personal views and reflections. It is here; when Left just rhymes clearly and fluently that you get the full picture of what Left can do as an emcee. There are other times when you get the same sort of feeling, such as "Left's Graffiti", "Break It Down" and "Freedom". However, its on "Hear What I Think" that you get the true picture, especially since most will be unable to break through Left's complicated abstract lyricism at times. Is Left too sophisticated and complicated at times? For the average fan that is without question, but for those fluent in abstract lyricism Left will fit nicely into your mold lyrically.

However, while Left is a nice lyricist, his overall game needs to be adjusted. The starting point for all of this has to start with the production area. A variety of producers contribute to the overall fell of "Rule By The People", which can be solid at times, but for the most point ends up disappointing. Too many times do the sounds of "Rule By The People" end up in the same predictable fashion, never straying too far from the norm. Almost all the production on the album seems bread from the same mold, from "Music To My Ears", "PSA #12", "Left's Discussion" to "Intake". Another key factor in Left's development as an emcee is his mic presence and charisma. Lyrics can only take you so far in this game; it takes more to become an all around great emcee. There is not much emotion, feeling or soul to "Rule By The People", something which is key for any album as it draws the listener in and gets them acquainted with not only you as an emcee but the picture you are portraying. Too many times we get good lyrical verses but not enough good songs. At times you may get bored with what's present on "Rule By The People", while at times you may marvel at its insightful lyricism. However, one thing remains true, there is really nothing that draws you to come back for more.

Left is an emcee with a lot of potential and with time could develop into a nice emcee. There is no question that lyrically Left is ahead of the game, as his complicated lyricism, rhyme patters, and great flow are more than adequate to get him some buzz in the industry. While Left needs to develop better mic presence, more charisma and better song writing, don't write him out just yet.

Overall I like what Left presents with "Rule By The People", and while it has its flaws further development and progression from Left will see such flaws fixed in no time.

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