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Littles isn’t just a rapper; he’s a hustler who has survived the vicious streets of Q.B all his life. He has survived shootings, stabbings and long bids in jail just to get to the position he is in today. You may remember Littles from such Mobb Deep tracks as “Nothing Like Home” off of the “Infamy” album, or any of his various collaborations with some of Q.B.’s finest emcees. The Mobb Deep affiliate has quietly gained himself a nice rep as one of the brightest up and coming emcees coming out of Queens Bridge the past year or so. “The Feeding” is an introduction into the world of Littles, as the album/DVD does a nice job of getting you familiar with Littles, if you aren’t already.

While not a debut album, “The Feeding” capitalizes on the popular mixtape format going around these days. It is this format that ultimately makes “The Feeding” just an average experience, as the new full length tracks he displays are nice, but his freestyles and jackin for beats sessions leave much to be desired. The biggest downfall is Littles beat selection for his freestyle tracks. Instead of gathering a variety of tracks, he mostly sticks to Roc-A-Fella beats such as Memphis Bleeks “Holla”, Jay-z’s “Dead Presidents” & “A Million & One Questions”. Other jacking for beats attempts like “New York, New York”, “Who’s World Is This” featuring Prodigy & “Bring It” are all lackluster attempts that wont offer anything to keep your attention for more than a listen or two.

While these attempts won’t amaze you, Littles showcases some real promise on his studio recordings throughout the album. “Ghetto Starzz” featuring Big Noyd & “Talk To ‘Em” are both your typical Q.B. street enthused tracks of hustling, street crime and poverty. The Sha Money X.L. produced “New Day” is a hustlers tale of “going from the crack game to the rap game”. Sha’s production gives the track a nice melodic feel, along with the nice vocal singing in the hook. Of course you have the Mobb Deep bangers such as “Thunny” & “Niggah” included, along with the Tragedy Khadafi collaboration of “Hot 97”. However, the shining moment for Littles on “The Feeding” is indeed his most intimate, “You And Me”. Equipped with a beautiful vocal sample, Littles gives a heartfelt tale of his struggles coming up in this rap game. “I had this talent for years, afraid to let you out, easy to write but hard to get you out of my mouth…Friends used to tell me stick to the pen, you got what it takes. But I was afraid of what people would say. Can I be a gangsta and still go out this way”.

While “The Feeding” is just an average attempt, the new full-length recordings on the album prove that Little is indeed capable of making good songs. With a great line up of producers such as Alchemist & Havoc already laying down tracks for his debut album “The Streets Will Listen”. Along with some spectacular guest appearances from Raekwon, Ras Kass, Big Noyd & Sauce Money, Littles is a name you will soon become familiar with in the world of Q.B. Hip Hop. While he wont amaze you will his lyrical skills, he is one of the few artists that have lived the life he is talking about, which is something missing from the manufactured street tales most artists put out. The potential and opportunity is there for Littles, but in the end will the streets listen to what Littles has to say?

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