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written by Hugo Lunny    
In 2001, I conducted my second lengthy interview with Louis Logic. It seems everytime we talk, our conversation goes into lengthy depth. Not that there's anything wrong with that, infact from an interviewer's point of view, that's ideal. But, sometimes things have to be edited. The second interview I did with Lou featured a conversation on film and scriptwriters which lasted nearly an hour. What surfaced in the transcripts probably covered a third of what was said. The obvious fan of film that the drunken dragon is shines through in "Sin-A-Matic."

A play on words it is, but there are very visual descriptions of situations and outlandish ideas throughout the album. Vivid articulations of odd perspectives and fantastic situations blow away the listener. "The Ugly Truth" is undoubtedly one of the most notable gems that Lou has created to date. Taking the perspective of a white supremacist, while taking a shot at George Bush, Lou depicts racism towards Blacks, Jews, Indians and Asians. Though some have labelled this track as contrived, what art isn't? The track is excellently crafted.

The influence of film continues with the samples preceeding "Idiot Gear," a brilliant track talking about the idiocy of asking about ex's. And "Dust To Dust" - a track about a woman that sleeps around, driving her husband to suicide. There's also no overlooking the grand and ambitious pairing of "Best Friends" (with Apathy) and "Revenge" (with Celph Titled). The tracks (positioned concurrently) feature Apathy as Lou's best friend "looking after" his girl. The only thing is, a little Hennessey influences how Ap "looks after" Lou's female choice. Distraught, Lou and Celph take "Revenge" upon the girl and Apathy. "Revenge" (produced by Memo) is literally a cinematic-esque masterpiece. The beat changes assume an ideal backdrop to the lyrics presented above them, and Celph drops one of his slickest verses to date.

"Sin-A-Matic" has a variety of playful, comedic tracks. "Coochie Coup," is a priceless track about - I'll let you take a guess. The hook and lines line "I don't eat anything that bleeds for a week and don't die" help propel the amusement. "Freak Show" and "Mischievous" also have comedically told interesting, amusing tales.

There are tracks which many have heard before on 12" releases and Lou's compilations. Thankfully, though they don't necessarily "fit in," they do work and don't detract from anything else present.

In essence, I've waited for this album since my first conversation with the Demigod. I'm not disappointed. Louis Logic has created an excellent debut album which could easily go down as one of 2003's best independent releases.

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