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written by Hugo Lunny    
I remember hearing a little chatter about Miss Dynamite, midway through 2002. The buzz going around was that she was the next big thing to emerge out of the UK's Hip Hop scene. I heard her on a remix of Ludacris' "Southern Hospitality" and though she performed well, I wasn't that interested in seeking out more material.

Then later, in October when I went back to the UK (where I originated in this life), all I heard and saw was the single "Dy-Na-Mi-Tee." Every radio station had it on heavy Rotation, music channels played the video like she was Britney Spears or N'Sync and billboards were covered with her face. As a result, I was forced to listen to her musical endeavours and check out her album.

Not overly excited about the chatter, hearing the huge hit single wet my appetite and upon properly listening to the album, I noticed what the hype was about. Miss Dynamite is definitely a talented artist.

'A Little Deeper' isn't what you'd expect from a commercially successful female singer (and former garage emcee) in this day and age. Her material actually is reflective of the title and includes a significant amount of depth. She covers a variety of subjects, mainly to do with re-affirming female worth.

'Put Him Out' features Dynamite riding a smooth beat with a hard hitting drum line and her discussing the way in which men behave and what isn't acceptable. Stating clearly that women should be rid of certain types of men. 'Sick N Tired' talks about being treated less than perfectly and how Ms. D. has had enough of being treated how she has been. Then there's 'It Takes More' also a successful single talks about how wealth and bragging don't arouse her desire in any way - physically or mentally. Covering the age-old anti-braggadocios style, she talks about how "It takes more to amuse a girl" like her.

But, the album does have its flaws. I wasn't that impressed by 'Afraid 2 Fly' (which originally featured Nas). The track has been done many times before conceptually and much better. It's about striving to live life to the fullest and though done decently, isn't worth much attention. 'Seed Will Grow' is a little too relaxed for me beat wise. Kymani Marley guests upon this reggae influenced track but the track is under whelming. 'Too Experienced' comes under the same banner. The beat is too simple, and though similar beats have been known to work. I don't feel that it does. It detracts from the potential worth of the track.

'Watch Over Them,' an excellent acapella sung verse talks about watching over those who pretend and to watch over the influences on the youth. 'Now You Want My Love' explores the age-old situation of those that jump upon bandwagons when the ugly duckling becomes a swan or when the poor man becomes rich. It's done very while, with relaxed singing and pseudo-rapping. 'Gotta Let U Know' is another excellently sung track. Perfect R&B with the stereo-typical subject matter, but a great performance over nicely assembled sensual music.

'A Little Deeper,' the title track itself, is very well done. It's an introspective track analyzing life, and "digging a little deeper" into things. Ms. Dynamite sings beautifully over simple guitar strumming in an almost ballad like form.

Ms. Dynamite's album is definitely a solid commercial debut. Although there are tracks, which failed to appeal due to their production and some of the concepts used have been explored many times before, Ms. Dynamite performs excellently and with conviction. I'd suggest checking out this album if you're interested in R&B. Dynamite explores the genre a little more so than most.

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