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Everybody is coming out with a mix-tape CD these days where they rap over other people’s beats. While Necro and Ill Bill have been known for incredible freestyles, their past freestyle collections have been from various radio shows or old tapes. The sound quality was not always great but Necro’s ill lyrics and psychotic flows made the recordings very worthwhile. Here, Necro and Ill Bill have put together a studio mix-tape that actually has a good sound quality. Also, Necro uses this mix-tape to show off his remixing abilities and other members of his crew like Sabac Red. Necro’s releases are not for everybody but his fans are loyal and his product always has quality (especially for self-made indie hip-hop.) “Street Villains Vol.1” is a mix-tape that serves many purposes. First, it’s filled with freestyles over very well known beats. Second, it has remixes and new verses on classic songs. Third, it gives fans a little something to tide them over until his new album ‘Brutality’ comes out. “Street Villains Vol.1” will definitely please Necro fans until a “proper” LP is released.

Without a doubt, Necro has mastered the art of the freestyle. He has volumes and volumes of compilations that have old freestyles and demos. While those are old, these are new and he has become more skillful with time. The opening freestyle is like a punch in your face as Necro gets right to the point: “…My intention is to offend, sneer, degrade, and mock / Make you feel uncomfortable like a 20 inch c*ck in your twat / I’ll stab any walk of life with a fork or knife…” Also, Necro does another good job on his “Freestyle” that is rocked over Cormega’s beat from “Killaz Theme”. Q-Unique, Ill Bill, and Necro do a very energetic freestyle over Jay-Z’s beat from “Lyrical Exercise”. Other freestyles all have a high sound quality and very wild and precise flows by Necro. While Ill Bill and newcomer, Sabac Red, all fit into the Psycho+Logical format, Necro’s consistent flow and ill style steals the show. (Well, it is his CD.) The man just rhymes and rhymes and rhymes… and it’s always about blood, murder, porn, and more blood.

Some songs are re-done versions of somewhat popular hip-hop tracks. Some can be considered parodies while others are completely different constructed songs over someone else’s beat. Capone-N-Noreaga’s “Y’all Don’t Wanna” was never an amazing track but Necro, Ill Bill, Kid Joe, and Uncle Howie make it there own. “What’s this I hear? - I’m smoking crack!?” The skills alone make this a better version. Still, it’s more of a humorous track than one that displays skills or creativity. “B*tch Scream” is a raunchy track by Necro featuring Whore that is over Raekwon’s beat for “Ice Cream”. He definitely takes it much further than Wu-Tang did. Necro revamps the hook to make it his own: “…Watch these street villains gets all up in your guts / Butcher knife attached to my dick / and cut it up / Blood lubrication makes it easy, slide it up / They want their nipple bit, b*tch scream!…” Now, it is nowhere near as clever or good as the original “Ice Cream” by Raekwon and The Wu-Tang Clan, but you have to respect the force of it all. “Drug Dealing” is probably the best example of a song made from another person’s beat. Using DJ Premier’s excellent “Full Clip” beat by Gangstarr, Necro takes us into the world of dealing narcotics. “…Brain cell abduction / Vein corruption / Cocaine production / You’ll brain will get sucked in…” Necro attacks the art of dealing drugs with the same astute vulgarity as he did on the classic “10 King Pimp Commandments”. Not only is the song very funny, but somewhat educational in ways. Necro and Ill Bill attack another Noreaga track by doing his own version “Nothin”. Here, Ill Bill truly does rock the track. While Noreaga’s version was very radio and club friendly in many ways, this is pure hardcore. Necro uses Dmx’s “Stop Being Greedy” to vent about how angry he is about people downloading and bootlegging his music. If this were an actual LP, this would be very annoying but since it is a mix-tape CD, he can get away with it. Sure, his flow is there but the hook is not too different. Overall, this is one of his less impressive ones. Still, it’s much better than the average. The final cut on the album is also a humorous remake. “The Hump Off” is a twisted and crazy version of Lil Kim’s “The Jump Off”. Necro does rock Timbaland’s beat but it just sounds so odd to hear Necro’s gritty rhymes and morbid flows over a more commercial sounding beat. Another funny remake track is “Dreams Of F*cking A Porno Flick B*tch” by Ill Bill. Unfortunately, this track is missing a verse by Necro, who could have killed this track. Still, Ill Bill does do a good job.

The remixes are all interesting because sometimes they use well-known or well-respected beats or they have new verses. “Dead Body Disposal (remix)” is a very brutal and clever remix of the classic original. Not only does Necro use the classic “One Love” beat by Nas but he also has a new verse for all the bloodthirsty fans. The Nas “One Love” beat surprisingly works extremely well too. Now, this remix is not as good as the timeless original version but it is still entertaining. Even though the new verse is good, the original cannot be topped. “Bury You With Satan (remix)” is a very well-done track that not only helps to open this mix-tape CD but is almost as good as the original. While the original version had an extremely fast piano loop, this remix version has a thick, gothic organ melody that truly fits with the feel and vibe of the song. “Poetry In The Streets (remix)” is another remix that is decent but it does not excite or inspire like the others. All the right ingredients are there but the outcome is not as good. Basically, all of the remixes are valid contributions to this mix-tape CD.

While mix-tape CDs are being released by everyone from Jay-Z to Royce Da 5’9” to Mobb Deep, Necro and Ill Bill prove to us that he can do it just as well and with his own personal touch. Of course, this mix-tape CD is dripping with blood, porn references, misogyny, and more blood. Necro fans will love it. While it is very odd to hear Necro spitting parody versions over more commercial beats, his clever approach to the songs do entertain. While some of his other freestyle compilations were very lo-fi and we back to back freestyles, “Street Villains Vol.1” has a good, diverse mixture of remix tracks and parody-like tracks to be mixed in between the freestyles. Sabac Red, is decent but does not overstay his welcome (like some protégés on their mentor’s mix-tapes). One important thing that this mix-tape CD is lacking is the addition of brand new tracks. Sure, this is not an LP, but this mix-tape CD is yearning for at least 3 or 4 brand new original tracks with original Necro production. Necro’s already strong skills in free-styling have become extremely tight and on-point. He’s has gotten better with age. Necro is like a rhyming psychopath. Constantly rhyming about killing, blood, guts, and vaginas, Necro is a rhyming machine. Even though there are many tight freestyle rhymes all over this mix-tape CD, you know that he has many rhymes to spare. Overall, “Street Villains Vol.1” will satisfy Necro fans until his new LP “Brutality” is released. Sure, Necro’s music is not for everybody. I consider myself a fan and I even have to be in that sinister mood to listen to him. While some may get sick of his voice and constant gore on his LPS, there is enough diversity in subject matter, guests, and beats on this mix-tape CD along with his high quality of skill. Still, this mix-tape CD is overflowing with blood, guts, and vagina references. Mix-Tape CDs should be viewed in a different way than albums are viewed. Mix-Tapes are much more loose but like MTV’s “Unplugged”, some people think that mix-tapes truly show how good an emcee is. Basically, Necro has skills but the constant bombardment of blood and guts may be too much for some people. 21 tracks deep, “Street Villains Vol.1” is a mix-tape CD that will keep Necro fans laughing and inspire more sick and twisted thoughts until his “proper” LP is released.

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