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written by Hugo Lunny    
I've stressed my respect for OUTTHERE as an artist many a time to both my peers and through my written discussions on his material. His credibility is very strong due to the work that he puts in. "You Still Here?" is my third experience with the "freshest" New Jeruz Resident and I'm pleased to announce that we are still here.

OUTTHERE's style isn't overbearing, but effective. His voice has enough behind it to enable evoking interest, and lyrics are perfectly fitting. With "You Still Here?" he delves deeper and conjures up more personal tracks pertaining to his significant other and things relating to his actual life. There are theoretical tracks, with new concepts - 'The W.B.' about brainstorming with regards to which subject matter to use is a good idea. He floats over the beat perfectly, pondering what he could write about and throwing out ideas. 'Okay, Alright' simply features OUT bragging and flowing smoothly over a swarve beat. 'Nite Drivin' feels reminiscent to one of OUTTHERE's previous tracks; 'Travalin' in its motion. Though it's not as good as what he achieved with 'Travalin,' it does work, talking about, as the title implies, driving at night.

The best moments on the album are those showing the most depth. 'Appreciation,' (dedicated to his wife) in particular I was very impressed with. The sincerity behind the performance and the content is very well projected. 'Where I Stand' is another track showing a lot of merit, but falls short with it's too chirpy production. It's also dedicated to his wife.

Guest appearances work nicely, as they usually do with Kat Klaw releases. The sequel to 'The Main Event;' 'The Main Event II' works almost as well as the original which is definitely pleasing.

On the whole, 'You Still Here?' is a good album. In some ways OUTTHERE has progressed, although I'm not a fan of the more melodramatically recited hooks by OUTTHERE himself. Plus, there's an interlude filled with drops which lasts a little too long. With that said though, 'You Still Here?' is an interesting release. Though if you don't already have 'Outlantis,' pick it up first.

If you're interested in purchasing this album, or other OUTTHERE material, head over to NJMP3.com.

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