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Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, Pryslezz Pain possesses a unique trait to the Hip-Hop game that is irreplaceable, lyrical substance. Pryslezz is a poet on the mic, giving the listener beautiful verses of love, hardship and life's struggles. His debut album "A Search 4 Peace" is a solid attempt at laying a nice foundation for the independent emcee, while at the same time opening new doors for the future.

Lyrically is where Pryslezz shines the most, as his heavily abstract verses are deep, insightful and thought provoking. The album's intro, "Alpha", immediately introduces you into the world of Pryslezz the lyrical poet. "Alpha" is a dazzling lyrical gem, that is short, but gets you ready for what's to come. "One" featuring Ubnoxus, features a great vocal sample, along with a dark, haunting melody. Pryslezz blazes the mic with his two verses, while Ubnoxus plays clean up with the tracks final verse, which ends up to be one of the albums highlights. "Wants & Needs" is one of the more intimate tracks featured on "A Search 4 Peace". Like most of the tracks, it features yet another great vocal sample, a reoccurring theme throughout the album. "Wants & Needs" is a nice change of pace; something "A Search 4 Peace" needs a lot more of, as Pryslezz goes through his tales of a relationship gone wrong. "What does it take for you to be what I want. What does it take for you to be what I need?" The vocal sample in the backdrop gives the track a perfect feel.

The most intriguing cut on "A Search 4 Peace" is a dark tale of sexual abuse and death, titled "R.I.P.". Pryslezz shows that he can indeed put forth much more than his usual abstract verses, as he vividly describes the events of a father sexually abusing his daughter. The tension and emotion run high throughout the track as Pryslezz proclaims, "I'm tired of seeing death in my life, I need life". Other standout tracks on "A Search 4 Peace" include "Inhuman" featuring ILL Poetic, "Dead People Don't Make Moves" & "Love & Happiness", which features an ingenious Al Green sample.

While Pryslezz offers a great introduction into his world with "A Search 4 Peace", the album's main problem lies within its repetitiveness. With 15 tracks, the album tends to get very repetitive after awhile, as rarely does Pryslezz break from his constant mod of song making. Almost every track sounds the same, as each one includes a vocal sample with a slowed down melody, which is usual dark and mysterious. Tracks such as "Omega", "Arbitration" and "To Thine The Glory" all feature lackluster production, and follow the same repetitive path as the other cuts on the album. While at times Pryslezz offers a change of pace with "Wants & Needs" & "Love & happiness", too many times each track ends up too similar. A little more variety will be needed in the future for Pryslezz to truly break through with a stand out album.

Nevertheless, "A Search 4 Peace" is a solid independent release that showcases top-notch lyricism. Pryslezz is definitely an emcee with a lot of substance, a trait that is often absent from many emcees. With a little more variety in the production area, as the same similar formula gets tiresome after awhile, Pryslezz could definitely be on his way to making a name for himself in the independent market. For more information on Pryslezz Pain visit

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