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Science Fiction is a producer with a multicultural background, as he was born and raised in Nigeria, then lived in the Middle East for an extended period of time before eventually moving to the United States. It is this varied background that makes Science Fiction a breath of fresh air in the production world, as he incorporates all his influences into gorgeous melodies and amazing beats. Science Fiction has been compared to the likes of DJ Shadow & RJD2, but fits the mold more of a Djinji Brown, as his production compiles a variety of musical styles and influences. It is indeed hard to categorize Science Fiction’s production style into one corner, but many critics have labeled it “broken jazz “, as he combines Hip Hop with Jazz, Drum and Bass and a variety of other styles. With his Third Earth Music debut “Walls Don’t Exist”, Science Fiction proves that there are no boundaries to his music, as he takes you through a mystical journey into his world of music.

Like the great producers before him, Science Fiction is a crate digger. This passion for digging is what makes “Walls Don’t Exist” the good debut it is. “Like Metal Hands With Paper Scissors Part 2” is magnificent up-tempo gem packed with a great vocal samples and a mesmerizing melody. The track will definitely get your heart racing, as it engulfs you with its own unique spirit. “I Sat Up By The Phone At Nights…” is a very soulful track that fits well with today’s trend of soulful loops and vocal samples.

One of the great aspects of “Walls Don’t Exist” is its variety. Science Fiction is able to keep the album varied and exciting, never duplicating or sticking to one sound over and over. “Ever After” features a very jazz influenced sound that ends up as a highlight. “Christine” captures a very melancholy vibe that starts off with a slow tempo but quickly picks up as the track progresses. “Last Draft Of A Love Letter” is exactly what the title says it is, as Science Fiction incorporates a nice vocal sample to personify the tracks meaning.

Science Fiction’s “Walls Don’t Exist” is not your typical Hip-Hop album. While many draw comparisons to other producers, in the end Science Fiction carves out his own niche that really cant be described by words. You have to hear what Science Fiction presents on “Walls Don’t Exist” to truly understand it. His music is like a soothing wind as its perfect to just relax and listen to. And in many ways it’s music that represents life and it’s many phases. With “Walls Don’t Exist” Science Fiction proves you can’t throw him into any category of production style, as he proves that you can take music any where you want while still pushing barriers and sounding refreshing at the same time.

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