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written by Hugo Lunny    
Unlike what sprite would have you believe, image is something and thirst is not everything. Upon seeing the press photo's given to me alongside Thicke's album (which has a beautiful cover I may add), I was a little jaded/disheartened as to what the album may end up being. His look isn't what you'd typically associate with soul music.

Thicke, or Robin Thicke (the son of the infamous Alan Thicke) is a talent. Getting into the music industry early on in life, Thicke worked with Brian McKnight and many more before Andre Harrell got his hands on him, signing him to Harrell's newly formed label.

Initially the album didn't do much for me. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. But, after a few listens through, I found myself intoxicated by the feeling within the majority of the material.

The topics covered on 'A Beautiful World' are beautifully eclectic. Covering topics from a bank heist on the opening track ("Oh Shooter") to having a "Sugar Mama" ("Bought me a pound and she rolls!"), to songs of optimism in life and of course, songs about relationships. Thicke demonstrates an intriguing range of creative efforts.

Most noticeable on 'A Beautiful World' is obviously Thicke's singing talent. To coin a phrase, "That kid can hold a note." "Cherry Blue Skies," the album's originally titled track is a perfect example of this. The September 11th inspired track talking about looking towards peace features Thicke's voice singled in upon with soft guitar strumming and subtle drumbeats amidst sporadic musical backdrops. 'The Stupid Things' also serves as a good example. The ballad features less than stereotypical lyrics with Thicke's voice shining through. The situation where an artist vocally states things, which aren't that exceptional, but their performance is, is apparent here.

Thicke deserves a successful singing career. He has already solidified himself behind the boards, but without question, he's just as talented behind a microphone performing.

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