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written by Hugo Lunny    
Best known for his affiliation with the notorious Molemen crew, Chicago's Verbal brings forth an interesting and deep piece of music.

Though I didn't favour 'Don't Forget' (a track featured on a Molemen compilation), through many listens, it has grown on me. It sounds like the best-mastered song here with the individual track levels coming out perfectly. However, it still isn't as good as Verbal shows he can assemble.

Tracks like 'The Nicest,' 'F-ck Hip Hop' and 'Kings Of The Ring' are the more mediocre features of the album. 'F-ck Hip Hop' left me less than impressed; the rhymes weren't too bad but far from what Verbal is capable of. Plus, the production wasn't what I would call outstanding. Then there's 'Kings Of The Ring' - a posse cut which talks about wrestling and mentions various well known wrestlers. As a whole, it works nicely, but isn't something I'd seek out to listen to.

The album is at its best towards the end. Tracks like 'It Don't Matter,' the title track and 'Latasha' are excellent. 'It Don't Matter' is a gem. The track follows Verbal analyzing him following his father's life and how he's bitter at what has happened. Verbal seems very pessimistic and lacking hope, the hook dwells on this. Production wise, the original beat by Panik, remixed by Tony Vinyl is perfect. It suits the mood excellently. 'A Road To Nowhere' features a smooth PNS beat with more blatant lacking of optimism abundant. But, it's done so well that though we're thrown into a depressed state by listening to it. It's enjoyable to have such a reaction.

'Latasha' finishes the album, and does so in style. The track is excellent, easily the best the album provides. The lyrics have obviously been well thought out and carefully composed with each word emerging as if it were a poetic assembly. The hook also works amazingly and the beat provided appears as the most appropriate backdrop imaginable.

Clocking in at just over half an hour, 'A Road To Nowhere' is a nice EP. If it were reduced to a select few tracks, it would be deserving of a much higher score, but 'The Nicest,' 'F-ck Hip Hop' and 'Don't Forget' reduce the level of quality that 'Latasha' and 'A Road To Nowhere'(the track) assemble. Definitely work checking out though.

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