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"And now Ladies and Gentlemen...Superstar...WILD, WILD, WILD...CHILD..."

Wildchild with mike in hand readies himself for his grand entrance...

"When I say WILDCHILD, y'all say COME ON OUT! Y'all ready??? WILDCHILD...

...now how many have you heard the name Wildchild before? Put your hands in the air...wave 'em from side to side...all I wanna see is five...Wildchild came to bring it live..."

...zzzz...zzzz....bzzz...buzzzzz...BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Jack Brown is awakened by the annoying buzz buzzing of his alarm clock. He wishes he could close his eyes again and continue his dream where he's a world famous rap star named Wildchild, rocking the stage. He wishes he could, but with a daughter, wife and his own life to sustain he has to muster up the courage to face the days strain. Dressed and ready, Jack steps outside to a grey, overcast day and makes his way to the construction sight he spends his day killing his soul away. The morning is spent...mentally more draining than anything, for when you want to be elsewhere you're every action becomes weighed down. A Fred Flinstone like character yells out "LUNCHTIME!!!" Jack makes his way past a group of co-workers eating at a table and talking about last nights last call. They look up and acknowledge but that's about all. Jack goes to a place that's tucked away where he can let his thoughts float...over the moat. Opening up his lunchbox he pulls out a pen and a notebook and begins to write...

Jack's in this 100% pure for the long haul/ Here to spread energy out to my peeps more than Red Bull/ So let's clear your mindstate with the vision that's blurry/ Lootpack ain't split up/ Naw I started the journey up early!

Pen down, eyes closed Jack returns to his recurring dream of the continuing adventures of WILDCHILD! Today's installment is where Wildchild is working on his new album, "Secondary Protocol". He makes a call to his friend and fellow Lootpack affiliate Madlib, who in turn emails his brother Oh No, who yells across the street to DJ Romes. With these three creating the musical soundscapes, Wildchild works on concepts and lyrics...

Kiana: This started in '94 from self-explanatory experience/ Now i'm a spreadin' this out to all them father's who's serious/ God hadn't planned it/ Never took it for granted/ I got a chance to spend a whole lotta full quality time with my daughta'/ 3:26pm/ Time I was lovin' the Gods/ Bugglin'/ Strugglin'/ Smugglin'/ Frustration at jugglin' the jobs/ Thinkin' what would happen if Jack was absent/ ... / I used to get caught on/ Every week like "Yo dred let's get our roll on!"/ Let's hit the club on/ After getting our shopping mall on/ The open mic's tonight?/ Let's get our freestyle rhyme on/ First things first/ Let's pull out and get my quality time on/ Looking at my seed like a planet was far from a stress...

Wonder Years: I wish I knew why men lust for strip clubs/ Why white labels exist and the new music ain't out cats you already know got dubs/ And why females need so much attention and ill affection/ If there was a scandal in the Bush presedential election/ If UFO's really exist/ When i'm at work who will say the wrong thing next to me/ Get pissed/ Catch a fist/ If street beggars you know be frontin' and really got money/ How to take MC's out here who be fakin' and then use them as crash dummies/ How to film it and release it on a commercial/ Take the place of programmers and play hip hop that's universal/ No mainstream or underground record sales to control so you won't no what's gonna be next/ Only music with soul/ If my daughta would use the true path that God has laid/ The key to success so all of my people can get paid...

"BACK TO WORK JACK!!!" Fred Flinstone bellows making Jack jump out of his daydream and faceplanting him back into reality. Putting his back into it, Jack's afternoon drags by. The horn blows...work for the day is over. Jack collects his thoughts and shoulder slumps towards home. To pass the time he constructs a rhyme...

When I walk in the streets/ Cats hit me up / "When can I cop the lp/ Jack I know you're coming with it/ I know your crew rockin' the beats/ Y'all got the beagle mentality/ Searching for something new to sniff out/ Never no doubt/ Y'all been putting in work...

Home. Hugs. Hi honey. Daddy! Daddy! Dinner laid out. Grace. How was your day? Dishes to be done. Board games to be played. TV. Bedtime story. Too tired routines. Picture the scenario...wife lays awake staring at the ceiling listening to the sleeping sounds that Jack brings...zzzzzzzz....

"O.k. settle down, settle down...we'll be taking questions now?"

Wildchild: Yeah, my man right there...yeah, what's up?"

Journalist: Being you're a third member of The Lootpack and an affiliate of the Likwit crew...right...is the Protocol more of your personal experiences, tribulations, or is this a personal vendetta?

Wildchild: Yeah, this is somewhat personal, you know, it's always going to be a vendetta, you know what I mean. Basically this if for all the raw heads, you know what I mean, the mainstream heads, universal...

Journalist: There's been rumours and speculations of all sort...The Lootpack has broken up and disbanded, do you wish to comment Wildchild?

Wildchild: Naw man, we ain't going nowhere. I'm a leave it at that, we ain't going nowhere.

Journalist: Wildchild...i have a question...would you ever think of committing suicide or planning your own death to gain mass record sales worldwide after you're dead...i mean you may want to consider that option you know...

Wildchild: Yo, no...no man. No more questions, no more questions...hold on one second, hold on one second...i need to make this call...hold up...

Wildchild calls up the beat conductor aka Madlib...

"I know you're coming up with all this wild stuff, but I need something people can dance to."

"You have the hook."

"This is something you never saw/ Never heard/ Never seen/ Never knew/ Watcha gonna do when them Cali cats is coming through/ Gotta make the revenue/ All it takes is me and you girl/ It ain't nothing new/ C'mon/ Ladies just bounce/ Fellas just bounce/ All of my cats up in the floor hear me just bounce/ For my dogs in the party just bounce/"

"I'll lay out the track tonight..."

"Hold on, I have another call..."

"What up Wildchild...Planet Asia on the line..."

"You coming through with me on this Bounce joint?"

"The super futuristic/ Computer chip rapalicious/ Back to hit you clowns with the unlisted/ All ladies to the dancefloor right now/ DJ's turn it up and turn the lights down/ 'Cause this is how we smash the party/ West Coast up in this bitch/ You betta' ask somebody/ Well I say if this ain't a party what the fuck is it/ My life is like the livest party and I snuck in it/ Planet Asia's my name/ Remain solid like criminal thoughts in days of flushing dope down the toilet/ Back to the script...




"I think i'm pregnant."


With the new album done, Wildchild begins touring around Europe with his Stones Thow labelmates...Peanut Butter Wolf, The Breakestra, and Madlib. After a show one night, Wildchild relaxes by surfing the web and finding himself on www.mvremix.com reading a review on his new album "Secondary Protocol"...

Wildchild, known for his collaborative efforts with the group The Lootpack(Wildchild, Madlib, and DJ Romes) breaks out of the cage and goes out into the wild on his own.

With one of the quickest draws on the West Coast, Wildchild manages to hit on the majority of the tracks. Kill records aside, Wildchild is laced with some seriously good music by Madlib and his brother Oh No. "The movement Pt. 2"..."Code Red"... "Hands Up" and "Party Up"... all write up the words "constant enjoyment" on the piece of paper.

On any solo offering the use of concept songs are needed to keep the listener tuned in, and on songs like the "Wonder Years" where Wildchild wants to be let in on the secrets of the world, and "Kiana" which is an ode to his daughter, do just that.

And what's an album these days without an orgy or two thrown in. "Bounce" featuring Planet Asia, Aceyalone, and Spontaneous, is an amazing high energy song that will break your ankles(And who says Madlib can't make you dance...huh?). Another rapid fire banger is KnickKnack 2002 with Percee P and Medaphoar, where you'll hear Percee P blazing heat trails down the race track...zoooom! Indeed!

With only one poor track out of 14, "Heartbeat" with its clunky beat, you'd think this was damn near a 10/10. The problem? Wildchild's flow wears on you like a wool suit, and after a few songs he makes you want to stop and throw on some Leonard Cohen to slow your roll down.

Adding some variety to his delivery may take the wild out of the child, and since a name change to Mellowman might be out of the question, i'm not sure a remedy can be found, but as the Beastie Boys said..."Somethings got to give."

Wildchild knots his eyebrows and moves to shutting down his computer and...to sleep...to sleep...per chance to dream...


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