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When the Ying Yang Twins first arrived on the scene with their hit song “Whistle While You Twurk”, not many knew what to make out of the two Atlanta based brothers Kaine & D-Roc. At the time crunk music had yet to explode onto the mainstream scene making many listeners wonder if the Ying Yang Twins were to actually be taken seriously. Now fast forward to 2003 where crunk music is the dominant player in the industry, thanks to such southern groups as Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz. The Ying Yang Twins definitely fed off of the success of Lil Jon as the two groups came together for one of this years biggest hits “Get Low”. Ever since then the entire Hip-Hop community has been intrigued by the Ying Yang Twins in one form or another. Looking to capitalize off of their recent success “Me & My Brother” is the twin’s third album and like those previous is nothing but southern crunk music that most either love or hate.

For those in the South, “Me & My Brother” maybe an album that will satisfy your needs. And for those not familiar or intrigued by crunk music, “Me & My Brother” will be an album that lacks any skill or creativity and more or less is one big repetitive album that reuses the same tired old formula for 14 straight songs. Whether the Ying Yang Twins are actually talented artists is an issue not to be addressed within this review. Instead the main focus is going to be on whether or not the Twins are able to make entertaining music from beginning to end. And while the duo manages to accomplish that for a couple tracks, the majority of the album fails to capture that catchy vibe needed for a big mainstream hit.

Efforts such as “Armageddon”, “Naggin”, “Grey Goose” & “What The Fuck” featuring Bone Crusher & Killer Mike are all repetitive efforts that lack any good production or catchy vibe. The Twins lead single is also a disappointment as Lil Jon once again reunites with the group for “Salt Shaker”. But unlike previous efforts the track fails to capture the same essence. Other dull efforts from Kaine and D-Roc can be seen on the southern cliché filled tales of “Me & My Brother” & “Hard” featuring K.T.

But fortunately for crunk fans “Me & My Brother” does have some standout efforts that succeed mainly due to good production and catchy hooks. “Hanh!” and “What’s Happnin!” featuring Trick Daddy could definitely be a big hits as the groups usual formula comes into play for both tracks. One of the more hard-core efforts, “Calling All Zones” featuring Hitman Sammy Samm & Khujo, is a welcomed change of pace from the usual bounce sounds dominating the album. The Beat-In-Azz produced track is his finest effort on the album, which is dark and gritty, yet so lovely.

If you are a fan of crunk music “Me & My Brother” maybe an album you want to look into. The album has its moments that some fans will embrace but the overall picture is one that is too repetitive and predictable. Kaine & D-Roc are not lyricist and they are not emcees. Instead they are more like entertainers looking to get the club bouncing on any occasion. This formula works for a couple of tracks but the majority of “Me & My Brother” sounds too forced. And while nobody would say the Ying Yang Twins are a group with immense talent, they have found their niche in the game and you have to respect that.

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