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Ghostface is yet another great emcee with a less than stellar crew. However, Theodore Unit's debut album "718" is still a successful venture due to Ghostface's presence on the album alone. Ghost literally takes the Theodore Unit on his back for the album's entirety, by appearing on 10 of the album's 16 songs.

Most of Ghostface's tracks on "718" are leftovers you have heard from various mixtapes the past year, nevertheless, they are still extremely impressive. "Guerilla Hood" is a ghetto super hero's anthem, as Ghost puts on his cape and swoops over the track perfectly. "The Drummer" is a throwback to the good old days of the Wu, as Mr. Meth, Streetlife and Trife all hook up with Ghost for a dark and vicious effort. Speaking of throwbacks, "88 Freestyle" finds Ghost & Trife rocking over Big Daddy Kane's classic track "Set If Off". Ghost once again amazes with his sick doubled timed flow, a skill he has been perfectly recently, as seen on Cormega's "Tony Montana".

Besides Ghost, the only other emcee who shows some promise on "718" is Trife Da God. While not the most creative emcee, Trife's punch line heavy, drug influenced rhymes are impressive for the most part. "Punch In Punch Out" is an infectious hustler's tale that displays the lyrical talent of Trife. "My clientele been so strong, for so long, that you'll never catch the kid in a hole like Sadaam".

Trife also makes a good one two punch with Ghost, as the two hook up for a plethora of tracks on "718". "Who Are We?", which also features Bone Crusher, is a unique effort as producer Dirty Dean loops up the intro to the Scooby Doo theme song. And even though the repetitive loop tends to get old after awhile, Ghost and Trife make it entertaining enough. Other solid Ghost & Trife collaborations include "Smith Brothers", "Paychecks" and "Wicked With Lead".

While Ghost and Trife hold their own on "718", the remaining crew fails to do the same. Shawn Wigs' "Daily Routine" is a bland storytelling attempt that fails to show the up and coming emcee's potential. Solomon Childs' "Work" and "Be My Girl" are both boring efforts due to sub par production. Even though Solomon does redeem himself on "Mama Can You Hear Me", there is still not enough convincing material from Solomon on "718". The album's other missteps include the group collaborations, such as "It's The Unit", "Pass The Mic" & "Gatz". Each track highlights the crew's lack of chemistry and their inexperience in trying to making good songs.

For the most part, Theodore Unit's debut album is a successful one. Ghostface saves the show by throwing himself all over the album. But without Ghost around to solidify each track, the Theodore Unit would be just another crew lost in the shadows of their leader.

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