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The mixtape scene has always played an integral role in the culture of Hip Hop. However, the past few years has seen an overload of mixtape DJ's, leaving the market saturated beyond belief. It seems as if every individual wants to be a mixtape DJ these days, making it hard to decipher the real from the fake. One DJ that is definitely repping for the real is DJ A-Beats. Born in Mexico City, DJ A-Beats has quietly put together a great catalog of mixtapes over the years, making him one of the best up and coming mixtape DJ's in America. "Poor Man's Paradise" is the follow up to his critically acclaimed album "From 1 Generation 2 The Next", and just like his previous attempt, "Poor Man's Paradise" continues to showcase the talent of DJ A-Beats.

The Justo mixtape award finalist has definitely put together a great mixtape full of exclusive freestyles, blends and underground favorites. A-Beat's remixes of Jay-z's "Moment Of Clarity", Royce Da 5'9's "Throwback", The Clipse's "Pussy" & Doujah Raze's "Ghost Of Mars" are all done extremely well, adding a new sense of flavor that strays away from their original sound. The majority of "Poor Man's Paradise" is consumed with various freestyles from such standout artists like "Styles P", "Oddisee", "Dynas", "Soulstice" & "Tragedy Khadafi". While freestyle tracks tend to be overused on most mixtapes these days, "Poor Man's Paradise" is able to go against the norm and offer a consistent album front to back, no matter the large amount of freestyles.

But the real gems hidden within the album come from the various underground exclusives. The lead single off of Halftooth Records "You Don't Know The Half", "If" by Kenn Starr, Asheru & Talib Kweli makes an appearance on the album. As does the Blackmoon remix of Jay-z's "Lucifer", which is getting a lot of spins in the underground circuit. Other standout joints include Saj Supreme's "Just No Use" and "Here We Go" featuring Krumsnatcha & Guru. Also thrown in the mix are various mainstream hits such as Twista's "Art & Life" & Redman's "The Saga Continues".

While DJ A-Beats may not have the street credibility that some of today's more popular mixtape DJ's have, there is no denying his ability to put together great mixtapes. A-Beats fails to stick to one distinct sound, genre or market, which makes his albums all the more better. He combines underground and mainstream hits masterfully, leaving every listener pleased. All underground heads should keep an ear open for DJ A-Beats, he is definitely a DJ with a bright future ahead of him.

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