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A.D.O.R.'s life story is one that epitomizes overcoming the odds. The money earning Mount Vernon resident was once a prominent young superstar in the early 90's, as a then unknown figure by the name of Sean "Puffy" Combs became one of his biggest supporters and helped to personally shop him around the industry. With such support behind him, A.D.O.R. ended up signing a production deal with DJ Eddie F and the Untouchables Entertainment family, which was responsible for Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Mary J. Blige and Heavy D & The Boys. From there the story goes a little something like this, A.D.O.R. started to blossom in the underground market, as his two classic's "Let It All Hang Out", which was produced by Pete Rock, and the Marley Marl & K-Def produced "One For The Trouble", became mega hits in the underground community. However, as time went on A.D.O.R. became a victim of industry rule number four thousand and eighty. After his relationship with Atlantic records went sour, A.D.O.R. soon faded into obscurity. Since then he has released three independent albums over the years, which have all gained critical and underground praise. However, the success that once seemed so imminent for A.D.O.R. never came to fruition.

Even though the average Hip Hop fan today will not recognize A.D.O.R.'s name right off the bat, those that grew up in the early 90's vividly remember his collection of hardcore ghetto anthems. "Classic Bangerz Vol. 1" is a nice compilation of these hits that will definitely bring back memories of the good old days of Hip Hop. And even if you are not familiar with A.D.O.R., "Classic Bangerz" will certainly do a good job introducing you to his catalogue.

As noted A.D.O.R.'s two biggest hits are the early 90's classics of "One For The Trouble" and "Let It All Hang Out". Both of these magnificent tracks will bring back an unparalleled sense of nostalgia, as they represent that true gritty essence of Hip Hop in the early 90's. But A.D.O.R.'s great tracks don't stop there, as the overlooked emcee was blessed enough to work with some of Hip Hop's greatest producers. With a lineup of producers named Diamond D, Pete Rock, Trackmasters, Clark Kent, Ski & Marley Marl; A.D.O.R. has certainly worked with the best over the years. The Diamond D produced "The Kid Is Crazy" is nothing short of amazing, as D laces the track with some brilliant horns that will make every Hip Hop enthusiast blush. The two other Diamond D tracks are equally as satisfying, "The Rush" and "Heart & Soul".

And while the big named producers on the album will certainly draw the most attention, A.D.O.R.'s lyrical talent should not be overlooked. While not amazingly clever, his wordplay is solid, as is his content, which remains street smart and raw at all times. A.D.O.R. is definitely a product of the early 90's, so his style is not something you can compare to today's emcee's, which is definitely a good thing. On efforts such as the Clark Kent & Ski produced "From The Concrete" and "Superfly", A.D.O.R. proves he can shine on the lyrical tip as well.

For those that grew up in Hip Hop's second golden era, A.D.O.R. is certainly a name you will remember. It is great to hear from the underappreciated emcee after all these years. And while his career may have not turned out like many would have hoped it did, A.D.O.R. certainly had a good run that nobody can take away from him. And even though his career will probably never be successfully resurrected, A.D.O.R. proves that persistent and hard work pays off.

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