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As 50 Cent's popularity soared, so too did the mixtape/compilation revolution. Every artist seemed to define themselves worthy of having a best of CD and freestyled over every popular beat. This "revolution" didn't begin with 50's success, but it seemed to become the new "norm." The problem was though, few so called releases actually were worth consumer money. At $10 US a CD (nearing the price of an album), poorly mastered songs and poor quality material meant you were being ripped off.

In 2003, Apathy signed to Atlantic Records after being courted by many a major label. Having solidified a following through his independent releases and guest appearances, it was inevitable that Apathy would put out a CD like this. Featuring a beautiful selection of Apathy's discography, "It's The Bootleg Muthafuckas Vol. 1" is a brilliant showcase of what the Alien Tongue is capable of.

Apathy, in his independent career, mainly released 12"s. Anyone with any simple knowledge of the difference between vinyl and CD would understand the difference in quality. And so, all Apathy bootlegging fans were unable to obtain CD quality, digital versions of his material. Thanks to re-mastering, fans now can (although they should actually purchase this "bootleg"). From "Immortal" and "School" through "Every Emcee" and "Compatible," Apathy's gems have been given a clearer sound.

The "bootleg" features many a freestyle, both widespread and unreleased. DJ Unknown, DJ Next and the infamous UK show "Breeze Block Radio" all have their Apathy freestyles presented upon this compilation. And of course, what would an Apathy release be without the Demigodz? They're present in abundance.

With rare gems and re-mastered material, Apathy's "bootleg" is a must own for Apathy fans. It can't help but wet our appetites for his Atlantic debut.

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