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In this day and age of Hip Hop it only takes one commercial hit for an artist to gain some considerable buzz. For Cassidy his collaboration with R. Kelly for "Hotel" was indeed that one hit that started all the hype for his debut offering "Spilt Personality". However, that was the easy part for Cassidy, the real test was whether he would be able to prove to the world that he could put together a decent album and not become Hip Hop's next one hit wonder. Sadly, the results are in and with "Spilt Personality" Cassidy has failed on all imaginable levels.

Even when Cassidy was coming up in the battle and mixtape circuit, nobody claimed the young superstar was a lyrical monster by any means. In fact, after his performance on his debut album, Cassidy is sadly a worse lyricist than advertised. "My Interpretation" is stunningly weak attempt at showcasing Cassidy's lyrical prowess but only ends up being one big disheveled and incoherent verse. Cass's predictable and repetitive rhyme scheme is even a bigger cause for concern, as the noticeably amateur emcee gets mired down in trying to sound like a poor man's Canibus. The lyrical blunders also continue on the sappy sounds of "Get No Better" featuring Swizz's real life wifey Mashonda. While Swizz's production and Mashonda's hook are decent enough, Cassidy's continual repetition of "ma" at the end of bar is not only intolerable, its down right embarrassing.

Besides the lyrical aspect, "Spilt Personality" fails due to a variety of other aspects, mainly sub par Swizz Beatz production, sluggish hooks and weak album direction. Cass spends too much time trying to showcase his different "personalities", instead of working to perfect one distinct sound. The majority of the album is consumed by horrible R&B joints that unfortunately don't come anywhere close to "Hotel". The horrendous sounds of "Lipstick" featuring Jazze Pha is the albums worst cut, as Jazze's gruesome hook is something only TRL's teeny bopper crowd could love. On "Make U Scream" featuring Snoop Dogg, Cass tries too hard to force a soulful effort that should have came out better than what it did. And the pain doesn't stop there as "Around The World" is equally as bad, as Cass once again stumbles through a bland commercial effort. Other weak efforts on the album are the disgraceful jacking of Public Enemy on "Tha Problem", "I'm Hungry" and "Husslin".

Thankfully "Spilt Personality" does get a little better, even though Cass's standout efforts on the album fail to live up to the expectations set upon him. "Real Talk" is the album's best effort, as Cassidy tries to offer some ghetto insight to the listener. The two Lox collaborations of "Pop That Cannon" featuring Styles P & "Can I Talk To You" featuring Jadakiss are solid efforts that are worth hearing for each respective Lox verse. "Blood Pressure" is another good effort, even though the recycled Swizz beat and laughable hook could have been done without.

For those that somehow got caught up in the Cassidy hype, "Spilt Personality" will be your wake up call to bring you back to earth. There is no denying that Cassidy has superstar potential, as seen with "Hotel", but the fact still remains that Cassidy is nothing more than a young emcee who still hasn't learned how to put together a good album. Nobody really expected Cass to provide a clinic in lyrical excellency, but better direction and beat making certainly was. Part of that has to fall on Swizz, who has molded the Philly native the past couple of years. Nevertheless, with "Spilt Personality" Cassidy fails to prove his worth in this Hip Hop game. The self proclaimed "problem" certainly ran into a bunch of missteps with his debut album. And when it's all said and done the problem still lies within Cassidy, who unfortunately fell victim to his own hype

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