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Admit it, you want to hate on Lil Jon, but you can't. You are tired of hearing "Yeah" and "Okay", and you think all his beats sound the same. Still, there is something that attracts you to his music. If you are one of these individuals do not fret, because you are not alone. In fact, millions of fans are suffering from a broken neck or damaged eardrums just like you, and it is all due to the power of crunk music.

With crunk music at its pinnacle, it is only right Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz help you satisfy your crave with their third album Crunk Juice. As expected dope concepts, lyrical brilliance and diversity in production are at a minimum. But that is not what crunk music is all about. Those wanting to hear car shattering bass, intense energy and catchy hooks will certainly be in for a treat, as Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz showcase crunk music at its finest.

The album's strong points lie within the raw rage that accompanies Lil Jon's music. The odd pairing of Jon and Rick Rubin on "Stop Fuckin Wit Me" ends up producing a fiery crunk rock effort that is perfect to listen to after those long and frustrating days at work. The lead single "What U Gon' Do" continues the frenetic atmosphere, as Jon's crushing drums and captivating flute makes for one of his best production efforts yet. The same can be said for 8 Ball & MJG's rock influenced "White Meat", as the track's murderous electric guitars provide the perfect backdrop for the Memphis veterans.

Instead of regurgitating the same manufactured sounds repeatedly, Jon & The East Side Boyz offer some nice change of pace tracks that fit well within the crunk universe. Jon's breezy west coast production on "Bitches Ain't Shit" ends up being one of the album's true highlights. Thanks to Nate Dogg's catchy hook and a strong showing from Snoop & Suga Free, the track ends up providing that perfect west coast feel. On "One Night Stand" the trio of Jon, Ludacris & Usher come together once again, and as expected, the chemistry is still there. Over Jon's silky smooth keys, Usher woos the ladies, while Luda and Jon both spit their own 16 bars. But it is on the epic group collaboration of "Grand Finale" where each coast and sound is merged into one amazing sound. With five of the hottest emcees on the planet, Nas, T.I., Jadakiss, Bun B & Ice Cube, the track is exactly what you would expect from such a lineup. While both T.I. and Bun B fail to live up to their fellow emcees with each of their respective verses, its Nas & Cube who really make "Grand Finale" a perfect way to close out the album. With one of his best verses in recent memory, Nas shows everybody who is the real lyrical champion in Hip Hop. But Cube's performance is also impressive, as he takes us back to the good old days with lines like, "I told you motherfuckas Kobe didn't take that pussy. Get money, get paid, you can beat that shit. Even if the DA is a piece of shit. Colorado got movatos, don't eat that shit. Another White bitch lying' on thee Black dick".

While Jon certainly makes the doubters start to believe with Crunk Juice, the album is not without its falts. The awkward collaboration with the Ying Yang Twins and the Neptune's on "Stick That Thing Out" is about as embarrassing as things get. With two styles from different worlds, the pairing had no chance right from the get go. Equally bad is the formulaic "Aww Skeet Skeet", which is a failed attempt to recreate the popular and irritating slogan. In addition, weak guest appearances from Gangsta Boo on "Da Blow" and Bo Hagon on "Get Crunk" make for more filler material.

Even if you have never been a fan of crunk music, Crunk Juice may very well take you by surprise. There is not much to the album except hard-hitting beats and catchy songs, but given the right atmosphere, that is more than enough to satisfy fans.

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