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Bear witness to the growth of Esoteric. While Eso is widely known as one of Hip Hop's fiercest battle artists, "DC2: Bars Of Death" proves he is capable of much more. Whether its addressing his political ideologies on "Loud & Clear" or producing introspective material like "Rise Of The Rebel", it is clear that Esoteric has expanded his game over the years.

"Loud & Clear" is a fiery political driven track that sends a strong message to everyone, "get George W. Bush" out of office. Eso's standout second verse is truly a "word to the wise", as Eso throws shots at Bush and every right-winger. "We got people over seas getting' blown to bits and thrown in a ditch, while Bush is at the game throwing' out the opening pitch. Double vision bird struggling with words, like Fox news trying' to pronounce the names of Arabic Kurds. His staff is absurd"

On "Rise Of The Rebel", Eso gets a little more personal, by delving into his past and giving us a glimpse into his world. With his first verse, Eso discusses his journey as an emcee coming up in this Hip Hop game. While on his second, he talks about his family troubles and general misconceptions. "I don't walk around crying cause my parents is split, they ain't have hella kids, I dont know no relatives. I don't got no type of cash, that ya'll think I do, cause I flash, and spent it on superficial trash".

With "Bars Of Death", the Boston duo continues their tradition of excellent underground music by shaping an album that not only displays Esoteric's growth, but also 7L's workmanship behind the boards. While he may not garner the success and accolades he deserves, you will be hard pressed to find a more consistent producer in the game than 7L. His work on murderous tracks such as "This Is War", "Graphic Violence" and "Murder-Death-Kill" are all superb. 7L's trademark sound has never changed over the years; it has only grown with each release. "Bars Of Death" is proof of that, as every beat on the album hits with a vengeance.

"DC 2: Bars Of Death" is easily the groups best work to date and should be remember as one of the years best underground albums. With a variety of concepts and topics on the album, critics can no longer pigeonhole 7L & Esoteric as your run of the mill underground group. Their music has grown tremendously over the years, and "Bars Of Death" is the culmination of all their hard work.

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