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Hip Hop is filled with an abundant amount of talented emcees, but unfortunately most never get heard. D-One is hoping he is able to get his chance to shine with his debut album "Dvisione". The first thing that strikes you about the Boston native is his superb lyrical talent. D-One is an emcee that is able to captivate you with his intelligent and forceful lyrics while not sounding too abstract or complex for the average listener. Combine this with some solid production and you have an impressive debut album.

"New Awakening" starts things off right, as Decap's soulful vocal sample, powerful drums and precise scratching is truly the album's finest production effort. The light keys on "Recognize The Realness" also accentuates D's lyrical performance masterfully, as the rookie emcee combines an assortment of battle heavy punch lines with his witty wordplay. However, talking a good game is not all D-One can do, as he shows his diversity on "We Need To Talk". The heartfelt track showcases D's passionate love for Hip Hop, as he takes the listener on a ride through his childhood and how he fell in love with his art form. "'89 is the year I met you, listened to fit in, cause of peer pressure. Couldn't care less, I couldn't hear it like I can today, played you only as a substitute to Pearl Jam tapes".

While D-One continually reminds the listener how dope he is lyrically, unfortunately some of his performances suffer from average production efforts and bland concepts. J. Greede's moody keys and plotting beat fails to mesh with D, as he flows on top of the beat instead of getting inside of it like the great emcees are able to do. The boring storytelling attempt of "This Song" is another blaring misstep on the album, as the track fails to posses any entertaining value. In addition, the screeching violins and speedy hi-hats on "Watch Ya Bitch" is another lackluster production effort from J. Greede behind the boards.

Even though there are some blatant missteps on the album, D-One is able to impress with his debut release "Dvisione". While D could certainly benefit from some better production, lyrically is where his strong points lie. As long as he continues to grow and mature as an emcee, I see no reason why D-One is not a name you will continue to hear in the underground circuit for years to come.

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