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written by Christopher “Scav” Yuscavage    
Hip-hop has a lot of different elements to it, but two things that rappers have grown to idolize also serve as the formidable title for the forthcoming adult fun of Duck Down’s “Puss ‘N Boots.”

If you think “girls go wild” in Cancun or Jamaica, you might be surprised by what goes on right in your own backyard (if you happen to live in the New York area that is). But, if not, leave it to the boys of Duck Down Records and Booz Entertainment to lead the way through the wild and crazy antics of the entire crew and a whole slew of groupies and honeys willing to bare all for the opportunity to party with the fellas.

Unfortunately, “Puss ‘N Boots” systematically breaks down into more of a laugher than entertaining, as the leaders of the DVD, Booz and Junedox, charge through different party scenarios and stage performances challenging the females of the audience to shake it for the cameras and give the audience something to hoot and holler at.

While other hip-hop acts have tried similar straight-to-video versions of adult entertainment (see Game Records and their “Hip-Hop Honeys” series), “Puss ‘N Boots” appears, at times, to be nothing more than a room filled with weed, 40s, a few groupie girls, and a camcorder, with Booz and Junedox serving to amuse their boys at the price of the integrity of one of the ladies (who, at most spots, don’t even try and fool the camera into thinking they are having a good time).

Elsewhere, “Puss ‘N Boots” does feature a tracklisting and an included bonus CD of new tracks from Buckshot, Sean Price, Boot Camp Click, and other Duck Down artists, but the various performances from Buckshot and Price within the DVD are quickly overshadowed and overrun by camera-hogging groupies that lessen the hip-hop elements of the crew and instead revert to booty-shaking contests on stage and more wild antics by Booz.

The music video-style of several of the songs, despite some incredibly corny “special” effects (the random chicken racing across the bottom of the screen, and the rappers implanted within the stars of the flag, just to name a few), actually enhance the video and allow the sexual aspects, as well as the music, to coincide and showcase some of the new tracks.

“Puss ‘N Boots,” in all of its crazy, unadulterated, and explicit glory, is just another DVD in a long line of others just like it – rappers acting out wildly on video without giving back much to the audience or fan. While the sneak peeks at new music from Duck Down Records and the few decent performance shots should be dually noted, if one thing can be taken away from “Puss ‘N Boots,” it’s how to put together a clever and catchy DVD title.

Otherwise, “Puss ‘N Boots” is a one-time laugher that, if nothing else, keeps the Duck Down imprint firmly implanted in anticipation of their upcoming releases. Sex sells – but unfortunately, the “girls gone wild” angle has already been done and probably done better in other places. Save the “puss” next time around, Duck Down, and just bring us the rawness and grit of the “boots” in the New York hip-hop landscape.

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