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written by Low Key    
Some groups fly so far under the radar that even self proclaimed "Hip Hop heads" aren't aware of their greatness. The Feenom Circle is one of those groups that somehow gets lost within the hectic shuffle of artists these days. The Oakland, California trio consists of Rawj, Sidebee & Oatmeal, and while they may not be familiar to the average Hip Hop fan, the tight nit group has been making underappreciated and overlooked music since 1993. The self proclaimed "middle ground" Hip Hop group embraces a workmanship type role, as they definitely represent the average nine to fiver putting in a hard days work. With "The Pawn Shop" we get a short but sweet EP that barely comes in at twenty four minutes, but it's six solid tracks will definitely quench your thirst.

In the Feenom's biography they proclaim to "occupy the creative space lying between the glitter of mainstream rap and the subterranean grit of underground Hip Hop". "The Pawn Shop" is definitely a representation of such a statement, as the group does a good job at showcasing a variety of styles, sounds and moods. The happy go lucky sounds of "Frisco Disco" is a slightly humorous jab at the club scene taken through the eyes of your average clubgoer with no money or luck. "Twenty dollars at the door, man that's half my check. Now I got enough for two drinks, maybe three with no tipsI verified my date of birth but then they started to trip, talking about I need that gold card membership". On "Hood Child" and "F-Sharp" we are treated to the more insightful/soulful sounds of the group, which not only feature amazing production but brilliant lyricism. "Subtle" and "A-Train" are also solid cuts that offer even more variety.

While their music may not be overly flashy, The Feenom Circle is a representation of Hip Hop in its purest form. And in an era when artistic creativity is traded in for commercial success, The Feenom's are able to tow the fence and offer the best of both worlds without compromising anything.

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