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written by Low Key    
Foreign Legion is all about having fun. Marc Stretch, DJ Design & Prozack are not about making you think or hitting you over the head with complex abstract rhymes. Instead, they just want to make you dance. "Playtight" is a lighthearted mix of happy go lucky club songs, real life occurrences and sunny California anthems.

"Playtight" represents a day in the life of the average person just trying to get by while having fun at the same time. Whether its about the trials and tribulations of having a deadbeat college roommate on "Roommate Joint" or the old school party sounds of "It's Working", Foreign Legion is all about bringing the average persons reality to wax. As far as their own reality goes, on "Here We Go Again" Prozack and Stretch bring you inside the world of two underappreciated emcees. Prozack particularly steals the show with his message to the Hip Hop industry. "This underground hip hop versus rap shit has got to stop. A lot of pop radio sucks, but underground rappers we complain too goddamned much". On a less serious note, "Nasty Lady" finds the duo spitting their best sex filled rhymes to a funky DJ Design beat. "Make her rock a leather mask, with a zipper on it. I know you want it; I'll make you beg for more. Bring you girl and east sushi off the barbershop floor. I got a flog and a leash and a collar from the pet store". (Prozack)

While Stretch and Prozack's zany antics never get old, the album does tend to be hit or miss on the production side. Design's production can be brilliant on efforts like "How Do It Feel" and "Champagne Beamin", but lackluster on songs like "Happy Drunk", "Y'all Ain't Ready" and "Voodoo Star". At times Design's production lacks any emotion or depth and instead relies on a more synthesizer/keyboard feel.

Nevertheless, "Playtight" is still a solid release that is perfect for those days you just want to kick back and have some fun. While Foreign Legion's happy go lucky sound may not suite every Hip Hop listener, it will certainly please those infatuated with Cali's resurgent underground scene.

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