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written by Sarah Vega    
So Kanye said he saved hip hop... not really. The self proclaimed "Ironman" of rap a.k.a Ghostface Killah came and strong armed the rap scene. While other Wu members struggle with their solo careers (most recent flop: U- God) Dennis Coles a.k.a. Tony Starks keeps giving the Wu-Tang Clan their credibility.

"The Pretty Toney Album" proves Ghostfaces's consistency to change the rap game. He was able to throw out the glossy sound of rap and keep it street with producers like Wu mastermind RZA and the legendary No I.D. (The man behind Common Sense's critically acclaimed Resurrection album) With this lethal combination, The Pretty Toney, packs a hard Wu-Tang styled punch. For "Kunta Fly Shit", RZA goes back to the Wu formula to produce a hit. Chopping up an old Barry White Song, mismatching chopped samples until they fit like size 2 jeans on a size 12 girl...meaning they don't fit - but is forgiven because is so well produced. Plus, he has a slew of collaborations. "Metal Lungies" has appearances by Sheek Louch and Styles P. While the RZA produced "Run" has the third member of the Lox, Jadakiss. The radio-friendly "Tush" has Missy Elliot which would have been as good without Missy because is that much of a club banger. By the time, the CD wraps up with "Love" featuring Musiq, the CD leaves you not regretting the money you spent on it.

The Pretty Toney Album proves that Ghostface is one of the most consistent MC's in the game.

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