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written by Christopher “Scav” Yuscavage    
Hip-hop music meets Chinese buffet on a compilation of underground tracks put together with a recipe that should taste just right to the palates of independent hip-hop fans., the hip-hop entity behind other independent cornucopias, such as the Aberfoyle Springs Volumes 1 and 2, presents the “Bare Skin Compilation,” an eclectic mix of the best that underground hip-hop has to offer – packaged neatly into an almost too-plain wrapper just waiting to be torn open and devoured by the masses of indy hip-hop heads with an appetite for brazen and uninhibited underground fun.

All of the usual underground dishes are here, as 7L & Esoteric continue to showcase their talents on the Jon Doe-produced “Title Track,” and the low-key flute-driven production of Celph Titled on “Guerilla Orchestra” proves again why Apathy may be the next big thing to drop into the lives of hip-hop addicts. But the dinner party does not stop there, as a whole slew of virtual no-names on the hip-hop scene stop through to bare a little skin of their own.

Atop this list is Storm the Unpredictable, who whirls up “Contradictions,” a list of ingredients for controversy as Storm runs through things in the world that are contradicting. Studio thugs, comedians, and players all meet the wrath of Storm in a whirling presentation of pure charisma. On “Stop Lyin’,” the Storm continues, this time joined by Priest Da Nomad, as the pair bicker over Storm’s “life,” an almost-hilarious and tongue-in-cheek effort at poking fun at the flossing lifestyle.

The Jon Doe productions (and there are plenty!) also keep the album moving along, as unlike other compilations, especially with this number of emcees rocking the mic, Doe never skips a meal and brings his fattest beats to be slain before each emcee consistently. The anti-industry piano-laced cut “These Bills,” where C Rayz Walz proclaims to want to “duke it out like Cherokee Parks” and Prophetix “It’s A Shame” both feature clear-cut examples of just how refined Doe can be behind the boards.

Still, the compilation, like a Chinese buffet, is not lacking in several filler tracks that can be skipped over in line, as the gross-out “Wrecked” by Pip Skid and the disgustingly named Fermented Reptile track “Dish Pig Pt. II” do not seem to follow the format of the rest of the buffet here – good, quality hip-hop music minus the madness and shock value that some mainstreamers still associate with the underground sound.

“We’re America’s most, Wanted dead or alive plus we’re certified dope!” Esoteric brags amongst his “Title Track” flow. While the “Bare Skin Compilation” may not fill the tummies of the average Nelly or Ludacris fan, the underground should be salivating worse than Pavlov’s dogs at the sound of the name, HipHopHotSpot. Another treat for the backpackers – best served HOT!

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