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written by Hugo Lunny    
Louis Logic was responsible for one of 2003's best releases ("Sin-A-Matic"), but when not touring or putting out proper releases, Lou still records gems. "Blame It On The Hooch" is Lou's third self-bootlegged compilation. The general scenario see's several released tracks, a few new gems and maybe a remix or unmastered track (or two) released to keep his buzz alive.

What makes this compilation necessary for fans are the new tracks. Standing out in particular is "Starling's Darling." A beautifully psychotic tale inspired by elements from the "Silence of the Lambs" saga. The hook is scratched up to perfection and includes a Cage sample from "Agent Orange" which simply put, works perfectly. "Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and "Fuckem" are other commendable endeavours, the lyrics being very amusing as usual.

Material from the Demigodz EP, "The Godz Must Be Crazy" is also present. For those unfamiliar, the tracks are extremely entertaining. They showcase Lou's talent as well as that of his former fellow group members.

Logic's guest appearances on the Molemen track "Resume," Skitzofreniks "Brew Akbar," Lexicon's "Rock" (Remix) and Jedi Mind Tricks' "Blood Reign" are here aswell. Although decent, they do fail to resemble the creative impact Lou made with "Sin-A-Matic."

Unlike some of his other bootlegs, "Blame It On The Hooch" features a remix that butchers the original (and I don't mean in a pleasurably sadistic manner). The compilation includes a remix of the brilliant "Idiot Gear." The problem is, the hook is now sung and the beat makes it sound more like an R&B track than the feel the original presented. As a fan of both Hip Hop and R&B, the meshing of D-Minor's singing with Lou's original rhymes simply didn't work for me. However, the collaboration between the two on the "Watching You" (Remix) does. It feels like an R&B remix should with Lou providing some pseudo-stalker motivated lyrics.

In closing, Louis Logic's new material (aside from that remix) sounds extremely promising. If he continues along the same lines that we've heard over the past year, there's nothing to hold him back. For now, we will allow Lou to just Blame It On The Hooch.

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