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written by Hugo Lunny    
"Hooked" is a documentary about the mis-haps that lead to arguably one of Basketball's finest players being confined far away from where his true talent would have called him.

Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell was an Oakland, California native, who grew up in the projects. Alongside the likes of Gary Payton, Hook carved out a name for himself by his amazing flair for dunking. He would leap clean over seated people, cars, and a variety of other things sending surrounding crowds into awe. He was set to take the NBA by storm, even being brought into college basketball as his scouts helped carve out false grades.

What separated Hook from his colleagues and friends like Gary Payton, Brian Shaw and Jason Kidd, was his drug habit. He would be paid in Cocaine to dunk by local dealers and as a result, from a young age, developed a bad habit that would ultimately be the result of his downfall.

Fader Films' documentary is mildly entertaining, however, separating the fact that Hook's life was altered due to his own choices prevented my empathy from being too strong. Hook had what it took and more to live his dream, but he chose the wrong path and as a result ended up imprisoned.

The documentary features footage from his earlier days as well as his still prominent dunking skills while locked up. Testimonies from his friends and media/scouts who saw his potential are also present, intertwined with original music DJ Premier and some other Hip Hop beats.

Overall, as a documentary, "Hooked" isn't bad. But its subject matter seems devoid of exceptional reason that you're only mildly entertained. I understand the talent he possesses is unparalleled, but he made his own decisions. Repeat viewings don't add much to the piece, I'd recommend this only as a rental for Basketball fans.