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When one thinks of Houston, many things may come to mind. Face, UGK, Lil' Flip, Olajuwon, etc. However, a man who bears that very name intends to make you think of him upon hearing the title. On his debut offering "It Was Written", Houston sets out to prove that he is no one hit wonder and that he is a rookie to be reckoned with. Is Houston able to successfully put his name on the map by producing the "solid R&B debut" that seems to be so rare in the industry today? No. However, this mixed bag of treats does offer enough solid tracks to leave hope in this young artists future.

The lead single "I Like That" has received countless spins nationwide. With guest appearances by Nate Dogg, Chingy, and I-20, Houston is able to create a guaranteed hit. 'Twizala' has a heavy bass line complimented by Houston's smooth vocals. "Love You Down" is Houston's rendition of the So So Def classic in which he does perfect justice to. "My Promise" is another track that demonstrates that Houston is far from a one hit wonder, and would be the perfect follow up single that would be sure to balance out the defining sound that he set for himself by way of his lead single.

As what seems to be the case with almost every r&b album in this day, Houston suffers from its fair share of material that drags. Virtually, after "Love You Down", the cd goes down hill. Easily the worst track on this album is the Jazze Pha produced "Allright", in which his trademark sounds aren't advanced, but more so rehashed to create a terminally sub par effort. That topped off with the fact that Jazze Pha is not a crooner, therefore one shouldn't have to be tortured with his atrocious background singing. "She Is" is an uninspired track that does nothing in the name of creating a distinguishable nitch for Houston.

All in all, Houston proves that he has a lot of potential, and if he can expand upon the foundation he set for himself with his debut, then he will have a promising future ahead of him. In an r&b world in which quality albums are becoming few and far between, artists like Houston prove that with just a bit of fine tuning along with experience, then the days of consistently strong r&b albums may not be too far off. "It Was Written" is not as strong of a debut as it could've been, however its scattered strengths prove that Houston is an artist on the verge of something truly special.

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