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Ill Bill has problems. Thankfully, these issues add up to one hell of an album, as the sick and twisted world of Ill Bill has never been more enjoyable than on his debut solo release "What's Wrong With Bill". With his blood brother Necro behind the boards for the albums entirety, Ill Bill recreates that classic one emcee, one producer feel. As always, you can expect an overload of sex, drugs, murder and violence on the album. However, there is also an abundant amount of depth to Bill's zany antics.

Even though Bill "dabbles" in everyday crime and violence, that does not stop him from producing conceptual material on all levels. "The Anatomy Of A School Shooting" finds Bill playing the role of Eric Harris, one of the suicidal teenagers from the tragic Columbine shooting. While Bill doesn't offer excuses, he does bring you inside the mind of a child lost in society's mix. "Two nerdy kids is that a crime? Why did I have to be one of the cool kids just to walk by? Without being tripped, thrown down to the ground and kicked, insulting me for no reason, I was treated like shit. The teachers let it happen; I even see some of them teachers laughing. That's why I had a smile on my face when I started blasting. I wasn't crazy, all of y'all were sick. I was the nicest person in the world, y'all were dicks. Dont even try and analyze me, you had your chance back then, maybe you could have been my friend".

However, if you thought Bill was pushing the envelope with "The Anatomy Of A School Shooting", "American History X" takes it to another level. Addressing the political and social state of the United States, Ill Bill tears into ever politician, spokesperson and scumbag official known to man. Even George Bush can get it for his actions. "These greedy motherfuckers trade blood for oil, an American graveyard on another man's soil makes no sense. The Roman Empire in the present tense, murder for corporations that they represent. Whether Democrat or Republican, the same scumbag government where scumbag brains are runnin' shit." No matter who you are, from "skin heads, hip hoppers to witch doctors", Ill Bill calls on you to make a difference.

On the more personal side of things, the title track "What's Wrong With Bill" is definitely his most intimate song yet. While we have all been treated to his demented side, Bill actually delves inside himself and delivers an extremely impressive look inside his real life world. With a mesmerizing production effort from Necro, Bill opens himself up for everyone to hear. "Two women love me, gave birth to me, nurture me. The other dont understand me. Sometimes she wants to murder me; sometimes she wants to marry me. I pray that my sanity grabs me and grounds me".

While all this political angst and personal insight is fine and dandy, what Ill Bill is really known for is his kick you in your face street anthems. Bill shows no mercy when he rips the vocal booth down on the vicious killing spree of "Overkill" or the lyrical gangbang of "Canarsie Artie's Brigade", which also features Necro, Goretex & Q-Unique. On the flip side, Necro, who shows as much promise on this album as Bill, also amazes with his usual production excellence on chilling hardcore efforts like "Peace Sells", "Chasing The Dragon" and "Legend Has It". However, Necro saves his finest work for the sci-fi thriller of "Alien Workshop", an out of this world experience where Bill discusses life on other planets. And to top it all off "The Final Scene" is a perfect way to close out the album. Acting as a sequel to "Swordfish", the track finds Bill battling it out with Isaac and Ishmael once again, only to of course come out on top.

It's always great to witness emcees grow over the years, and thats exactly what Ill Bill has done. His progression as an artist comes full swing on his debut solo album, proving all the critics wrong, who labeled him as a one-dimensional emcee. And while he may have a few screws loose, there is certainly nothing wrong with Bill on this album.

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