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Sex sells and Jacki-o will be the first to admit it. The Miami diva proudly flaunts her sexuality and makes no excuses for it. Her eye popping single "Nookie", received a lot of attention due to its x-rated content, which had many hailing Jacki as the next Lil Kim. In regards to content and swagger the comparison could not fit any better, however, Jacki-o is still an untested emcee who has a lot to prove. With her debut album "Poe Little Rich Girl" set to drop this fall, Jacki-o looks to take the reigns as the self-proclaimed Madame of Miami. "The Official Bootleg" acts as a precursor of what is to come from Jacki-o, and does a decent job of highlighting her talent.

Even though the mixtape will not completely convince you that Jacki-o is the next female emcee to blow, it does prove she can make quality material that does not involve her "nookie". Jacki's best effort on the mixtape is the Timbaland produced "Out Of Control". Timbo supplies Jacki with a funky beat that finds a nice balance between the clubs and the streets. Timbo also supplies the songs catchy hook, which ensures the track could be a huge hit for Jacki. From one superstar guest appearance to another, the Roc's very own bearded emcee Freeway makes two noteworthy appearances on "Take My Breath Away" and "Gangsta Bitch". While the Philly fanatic outshines Jacki, her performance is solid enough to get by.

Even though lyrically Jacki cannot stand up to the Rah Digga and Jean Grae's of the game, she is able to make up for her lack of lyrical skills when she opens herself up to her audience. "People Change" is the most intimate and personal effort from Jacki-o yet, as she delves into the changes she has went through the past couple of years. The song is proof that Jacki can produce conceptual material with depth and meaning.

While "The Official Bootleg" has its share of standout moments, the majority of the mixtape is cluttered with throwaway material and bland freestyles. Jacki's remix of Jay-z's "The Watcher Pt. 2" is a weak attempt at throwing her vocals on Jay's classic remix. The remix of "Nookie" is another disaster, as Wyclef does the unthinkable by making a song about pussy bland. Clef's hook is laughably bad, as Jacki would have been better off by leaving Clef off the track. "Fuck Y'all Niggas" is another effort that suffers from the lame hooks disease, as well as a lackluster beat. The same can also be said for "Jam Don't Shake", which is a contrived group effort.

While Jacki-o can certainly deliver x-rated tales with the best of them, "The Official Bootleg" proves she can venture outside of her usual sexcapades. Even though she could see some improvement with her lyrics, Jacki does have a keen ear for good production, something that should carry her a long way. Let's just hope Jacki brings her all around game for her debut album, "Poe Little Rich Girl". If not, she maybe just another female emcee living off her one hit song.

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