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"Who the fuck independent been around six years, dropped five LP's and still here?" That's right people; J-Zone is back at it again. The foul-mouthed emcee who gives a fuck what you think has returned with his latest release "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work". As expected, J-Zone delivers yet another original and entertaining album that will certainly keep you laughing for days. Not much has changed for J since the last time around, which is a good thing. Zone still delivers that unmatchable humor and groundbreaking production we have grown to love over the years. "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work" is just another album that solidifies Zone as the underground most entertaining emcee and original producer.

As with any Zone release, "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work" plays off the average persons everyday struggles. "Lightweight Remix" finds Zone succumbing to his weak tolerance for liquor after only three drinks. "I weigh a buck sixty, where that liquor gonna go? To my brain and my dick, so I kick it to these hoes". "Disco Ho" catches J-Zone in another embarrassing situation, only this time it's on the dance floor. While Zone wanted to take his shorty to the movies, he ends up at the club, drunk as hell and dancing his ass off. "I'm doing the Macarena not giving a fuck. Now I'm in a circle getting 7th grade flash backs, dancing in the middle of the crowd getting laughed at". Besides Zone's humorous tale, fans are treated to something even more special, Dick Stallion. Forget Pharrell, Dick Stallion knows how to sing a hook, and for half the price at that.

While it's hard to pick the standout tracks on "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work", a few efforts definitely end up as some of Zone's best work. J pokes fun at his own looks on "Kill Pretty", but through it all Zone is still able to get laid. His secret? Liquor of course. "She said my grill looked like somebody got me with a bat. About a half hour later that Tequila had her buzzin, now I'm with this chick looking like she's J-Lo's cousin". "A Friendly Game Of Basketball" is another belly aching effort, as Zone goes at every NBA player and wannabe baller out there. From Tracy McGrady to Justin Timberlake and Kobe Bryant, no one is safe from J-Zone's wrath. The most creative effort on the album is definitely "Edit These", as Zone sends a big fuck you out to all the college DJ's who won't play his records. So what does Zone do? He gives them exactly what they want, an edited copy. However, half way through the record Zone flips the switch and edits everything but the curse words. While the concept is simple, it definitely works to perfection.

As always, either some fans will love the humor on "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work" or they will not understand it at all. Nevertheless, the album cements J-Zone's position as one of the undergrounds most consistent artists. Production wise Zone continues to evolve, which is never more evident than on this album. Instead of just rehashing the same sounds, Zone provides 17 new and distinct beats. Nothing is recycled or played out; it's all fresh and innovative.

For long time J-Zone fans "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work" is the album you expected to hear. With great production and sidesplitting concepts, J-Zone delivers yet another album that will end up as one of the year's best.

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