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The Kool Genius of Rap will always be cemented in stone as one of Hip Hop's greatest emcees, but with a historic career finally winding down, many have questioned if G Rap has enough gas in the tank to close out strong. With his latest release "Click Of Respect" the Queens legend proves that while his glory days are long gone, G Rap is still the king of gangsta music

With the "Click Of Respect" Kool G. Rap manages to elevate the game of his fellow emcees, while at the same time proving he can still succeed in this Hip Hop game. The 5 Family Click, consisting of Glory Wars, Hammerz, Ma Barker and the incarcerated Nawz, are average emcees at best. Their representation of the street is the groups strong hold, as they stick to the gritty ways G Rap has paved before them, making "Click Of Respect" bearable even when G Rap is not rapping. But the highpoints of the album definitely occur when G Rap makes his appearances. While your typical tracks, efforts such as "I Die 4 U", "Click Of Respect", "On My Grind", "Pimped Out" & "Stop Playin Wit Me" all succeed due to very solid production that manages to stay raw and vicious at all times. "Blackin Out" is easily the album's best cut, as G Rap literally blacks out on the mic, tearing the booth apart with his usual thug barrage. If there was any question on whether G Rap could still spit fire like the days of old, then all should be answered after listening to "Blackin Out".

Besides G Rap, none of the emcees featured on the album will do anything to stand out, even though G Rap's real life wife Ma Barker offers some decent thugged out efforts. But with solid production each emcee can be tolerated. However, when the production aspect fails to deliver is when "Click Of Respect" tends to drag on. Weak efforts behind the boards hinder such attempts as "Breaker Breaker", "Get Da Drop On Em", "Gully" & "Slide In My Whip". While other times the absence of G Rap is just too much to overcome, as seen on "Niggah Nah".

Depending on your level of expectation the "Click Of Respect" either exceeds or falls short of what you hoped for. On the one hand, G Rap is able to elevate a collection of average emcees into making a solid street album. While on the other hand, inconsistent production and repetitive song making will have many disappointed. Nevertheless, "Click Of Respect" certainly offers some nice gems that will definitely be embraced by G Rap fans everywhere. And while we may never see G Rap at his highest level ever again, for now it's satisfying just to see glimpses of greatness every now and then.

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