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written by Hugo Lunny    
If you've never tried PCP, shame on you. Although dabbling in a drug that basically removes all consciousness of your actions isn't exactly something I'd advise. Cage and Tame-One (The Leak Bro's) apparently have experimented quite extensively with the infamous substance. Whether this EP was or was not recorded whilst smoking is neither here nor there, the debatable topic is the end product. Which, in short, is slick.

As a PCP virgin, I cannot possibly identify with the fables of what it does. But the unmistakable love the duo show for "wet" is actually quite compelling. From taking a page out of Automator/Encore's book using the beat for "Waterworld" (by Encore) for the introduction, we're brought into a level of creativity seen through a variety of facets. The title track is a loosely told tale of a drugged theme park. The content soon waivers into drug related rants. However, the off topic babbling still proves entertaining.

The signature one-liners and features common to both artists help propel the material further. Tame One's comment upon "See Thru" still has me smiling ("She don't know how to act like Vin Diesel"). "Dead" see's a different side of Cage which I was until this point unfamiliar with, he can actually sing within certain confines. He sings an eerie chant for the track's hook, it's surreal how well it works. The production also remains up to par with the likes of Mighty Mi, RJD2, Reef and even J-Zone providing wonderfully fitting backdrops.

Cage and Tame-One compliment one another excellently throughout the EP, their love for PCP is definitely something to ponder upon (even if you're not daring enough to experiment). "Waterworld" is a great example of creative rap.

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