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written by Low Key    
The past couple of years has been rough for the West side, as the once dominant coast has played the backseat to the red hot dirty South/Midwest and always prominent East Coast. Looking to help turn the page and put the West back on the map is newcomer Lil Tak-It-Ez. And while Tak-It-Ez may have the heart and desire to help put his coast back on top, the Inglewood emcee shows little promise with his debut "Suwoo Mixtape Vol. 1".

The problems plaguing Tak-It-Ez and the "Suwoo Mixtape" are blatantly obvious. Dated West Coast style synthesizer production, stale gangbanging influence rhymes and boring concepts. While the West has grown immensely since their heyday in the early 90's, it seems Tak-It-Ez is still living in that era, producing music that is unfortunately 10 years too late. You have the funky and spaced out sounds of "You Ain't Never Heard A Freestyle Like This/Suwoo", which is your typical clich filled tale of everyday West Coast life. The boring fashion commandments of "Dress Code", and the conventional sounds of "Gotta Be Tha King", "Gangstaz Ho" and "Brandnoostar" which are all lackluster efforts that will do little to bring you into Tak-It-Ez's world. The most promising effort is the club influenced pussy anthem of "Abadnego", which features a catchy hook and a decent up tempo banger from Aquabugie, who produces all of the albums generic keyboard beats.

It's obvious that Lil Tak-It-Ez has a lot of work to do if he hopes to one day become a legitimate figure in the Hip Hop industry. With a DJ Quik like voice and a Knoc'turnal influenced flow, Tak-It-Ez has a decent foundation. But he needs to transfer his energy and charismatic personality onto each and every song and get past the clich gangbanging tales he is so used to spitting.

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