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written by Low Key    
Welcome to the stick and twisted world of Necro. In this world you can expect an abundant amount of drugs, sex, murder, violence, chaos and insanity. There are few figures the likes of Necro in Hip Hop, as the godfather of everything thats unholy has remained the poster child of what your parents dont want you to be when you grow up. Well the Marilyn Manson of Hip Hop is back, this time with a compilation album of sorts, gathering his fellow Non Phixion partners along for the ride on "Brutality Part 1".

For those squeamish at heart, Necro is not for you. He personifies the dark underworld of drugs, sex and murder, and doesn't give a fuck if you don't like it. There is not much versatility to his game, but Necro is certainly great at what he does. But the real talent of Necro lies within his production, which has always been some of the undergrounds finest. If you like your beats dark, hard and intense; then Necro's production will fit you perfectly. "Brutality Pt. 1" features a nice combination of Necro's hard hitting beats with great guest appearances by Ill Bill, Goretex & Mr. Hyde.

It is ultimately these guest appearances that offer the standout moments on "Brutality". The sluggish, melodic sounds of "Dopesick" is about what you would expect when Necro & Goretex get together. As Goretex's vividly descriptive lyricism sounds all the better over Necro's haunting beat. The two also hook up for the appropriately titled "Scumbags", which features an utterly eerie and freakish Necro beat that sounds like something out of a horror film.

Of course Ill Bill's appearances are nothing less than amazing, as the two brothers always offer standout tracks. The murder anthem of "Frank Zito" is nothing short of chilling, as Ill Bill spits a magnificent horror filled verse. "Reign In Blood" & "White Slavery" are more of the same from the two, while "Our Life" actually switches up the pace and offers a different sound for once. Necro's beautiful piano loop sways away from his usual sinister mold and allows Ill Bill & himself to reminiscence about their days growing up, no matter how sick and twisted they were.

Besides the collaborations, the albums solo cuts offer some gems as well. Ill Bill's "Swordfish" is smoothed over by a mesmerizing violin sample that glides over Bill's wordplay with ease. Goretex's solo joint "The Big Sleep" and it's remix are even better tracks that showcase Gore's underrated lyricism and wordplay. However, the same cannot be said for a majority of Necro's solo offerings. It is on these attempts where the album starts to loose steam and become too predictable. "Anguish & Aggression", "Morbid Shit" , "Every Second Someone Dies" & "Watch Ya Toes" all fail to offer production that mirrors the better tracks on the album. And if you are not the biggest Necro fan, many of his tracks will get tiresome after awhile. "Fire" is another sub par effort that suffers from some awkward singing that is all too misplaced on a Necro track. Even when some of Necro's efforts on the album tend to be disappointing, there is no denying the man's talent for painting brutally vivid pictures that will cement themselves in your mind, whether you want them to or not. The guy has a knack for saying the craziest things, and in a fashion that can only be convey the way Necro does.

With "Brutality Pt. 1" the demented legacy of Necro continues on. If you have never like Necro before, this album will do nothing to change your mind. However, if you are a fan of shock rap and love to hear Necro's usual brand of violence, then "Brutality" will be another good album in your collection.

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