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Forget partners-in-crime. The Odd Couple (Jay Love and Louis Logic) are more like partners-in-lines – as in line-for-line lyrics completed after doing lines and lines of brewskis down at the local watering hole. The result is Alcohol/Ism, a sick, sadistic glance into the lives of a couple of 20-somethings enjoying the primes of their young lives with the three B’s: blunts, broads, and, probably most importantly, beer.

While Alcohol/Ism may not be for those with weak stomachs (or livers for that matter), their first collective effort churns out a fun and comical stab at those doubting a couple of alcohol-induced emcees spitting spiteful lyrics on everything from ex-girlfriends to police to mean critics. And even if people do not agree with what The Odd Couple has to say, as Louis Logic states on “The Day I Was Born”: “That’s why it ain’t much I won’t say in a song, Because I started dying the day I was born.”

Opening up the disc with a song like the aptly-titled “Double Fisted” provides a foundation for the back-and-forth seamless delivery involved between Jay Love and Louis Logic throughout Alcohol/Ism. The Avid Record Collector (who produces 13 of the album’s 16 tracks) flips a sped-up sample underneath the beat that compliments the boys, who establish themselves as the true double fisters on the hip-hop scene.

The J.J. Brown-produced lead single “Wreckyalife” (which should only be played outside of the listening distance of young children, significant others, and anyone who you might want to have a relationship with by the time the song ends) sees the duo taking some pretty straight-forward shots at promiscuous girls and ex-girlfriends. “Oh, so now we getting trife? Well, then you can bet your life, I take pot shots at my ex when I bless the mic, She’s a freak, five days of the week, The other two she’s a filthy f----n’ w---e laid out on the sheets,” Logic proclaims, with all love lost for that particular female. Fellow undergrounders Celph Titled and J-Zone stop by to “Open the Mic” with the self-deprecating cheap bastard himself Zone lamenting, “Too cheap to go clubbin’, too ugly to model, Too broke to drink Cris but I’ll front with the bottle.” And the hilarious “Beat Your Ass” sees the pair stating that their names may be “Logic” and “Love,” but there will be no love lost if they are crossed the wrong way. (“We stumble through like a one-legged man, With his stump removed, drunk, and doing one-minute keg-stands, Unfinished eggs can’t crack the way your head’s gotta, We’ll beat your ass like a couple angry stepfathers.”)

Not all goes well at the bar for Louis and Jay though, as “Between Your Legs” is an over-the-top ode to female pubic hair that is a very guilty pleasure, even for those who can tolerate most of what the two have to say. By the time “Too Much Heat” and “The Lounger” strike, the well has long run dry and the keg kicked on the topics for Alcohol/Ism.

But with lines like, “Who got a problem with a bottomless beer, that could make a pessimist smile and an optimist tear?” (“Por Que”), it’s quite clear that neither Louis Logic nor Jay Love care much for those not connecting with their three favorite things. And luckily, enough young people, college students, and beer lovers alike exist for Alcohol/Ism and the partners-in-lines to seep right into the pores of hip-hop – it just depends all on how much hip-hoppers can tolerate.

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