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written by Christopher “Scav” Yuscavage    
Groovy, baby! Now, tell me, does P.E.A.C.E. make you horny?

That's right, L.A. underground emcee P.E.A.C.E. (also of the group Freestyle Fellowship), presents his debut album, "Megabite," a part-gimmick, part-pure personality glimpse at the gap-toothed, outlandish emcee responsible for proving here that, had hip-hop music been around in the 1970s, it would have been the funkiest, most happenin' form of music to ever rock a jive beat. But, can you dig it?

Armed with the production of his hippie-looking beatmeister Kenny Segal, PEACE runs through a variety of original and different sounding tracks that seem to take the perspective of a rapper from the late '70s. However, there is nothing stale about the PEACE-man himself, as he sounds as if he has adopted both an impressive Andre 3000-esque flow and voice over everything that Segal throws at him. Even at his worst, PEACE proves that his "outside of the box" thinking and funkdafied ways function well within the same sort of throwback theme that the boys of Outkast also follow.

"P-O-P," laced with its heavy drums and bass, provides an adequate introduction for PEACE, as listeners will almost instinctively expect "We got the funk! Gotta have that funk!" to "p-o-p" out of their speakers at any time. "Prizm" showcases a similar effort from PEACE, but this time he lets us in on his ability to really get it moving over the beat. Much like Outkast, his rhymes tend to border on the ridiculous side at times, but over beats like these, listeners cannot help but be pleasantly surprised but what they are hearing. Even the chorus, where PEACE sounds as if he is doing his best Pharrell impression ('70s style, of course) comes across as fun and entertaining.

Not all productions from PEACE are top-notch or even fitting for his style, as the contradictory and out-of-place "HalfThisWorld" premieres the violent side of PEACE (I didn't even know that was possible!) but can be excused as just another "underground emcee mad at the world" track. "Blind Man's Bluff" steps away from the gimmicky '70s feel of the album with a modern track featuring a heavy bass that also steps away from the formula found on the rest of the album.

But the distractions are few and far between as the majority of PEACE's album packs the advertised "megabite." "LookinForLove," where Peace warns, "I've seen so many lives wasted, Lookin' for love in all the wrong places," leaves the corny hooks to the modern hip-hop love ballads and should come with a "Make Love, Not War," sticker. PEACE raps about his "amazing beautiful clothes" that help him to get all the foxy ladies on "ABC," where only bell-bottoms and beaded shirts come to mind. And, if all else fails, "Dead or Alive" proves that he can throw together an impressive chorus with the help of his unique voice.

PEACE and "Megabite" admittedly compile a tracklisting of songs that rely heavily upon being "different" from the rest of the hip-hop industry. While "Megabite" may not satisfy those seeking hungry aggressive lyrics, thugged-out gangsterisms, or socially-conscious words, PEACE's originality and creativeness on record is enough to at least gain him a listen from those looking for something fresh and unique. And, that, is so groovy, baby!

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