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Even though he is the world's greatest beat boxer and a member of the Grammy Award winning band The Roots, Rahzel's impact on the Hip Hop community often goes overlooked. In a day and age where beat boxing goes mostly unnoticed by the mainstream eye, Rahzel has helped bring attention to one of Hip Hop's founding elements. His debut release "The Fifth Element: Make The Music 2000" featured such hits as "All I Know" & "Make The Music", which helped Rahzel not only get the attention of the Hip Hop community but those outside of it as well. While it's been four years since Rahzel's last release, the beat boxing king is back with his sophomore effort Rahzel's "Greatest Knockouts".

However, this time around don't expect an album full of new material, as the album mirrors a compilation album of sorts, packed with various collaborations, live material and beat boxing tracks. And while it may sound good on paper, unfortunately Rahzel's "Greatest Knockouts" doesn't manage to last all twelve rounds, instead it falls flat way too early.

Simply put, Rahzel's "Greatest Knockouts" is an unnecessary and pointless album filled with short live performances, boring collaborations and tedious beat boxing efforts. Most listeners will fly through the 26 track album in no time and after one listen will probably never go back for more. There are various beat boxing collaborations with artists such as Rza, Black Thought & Dice Raw, but these tracks only offer short term satisfaction and will quickly grow old. There is no denying that Rahzel is the worlds best beat boxer, but the album fails to capitalize on his talent and instead drags on at a boring pace.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel, as Razhel's "Greatest Hits" does offer a couple of solid tracks. The Krs-One collaboration of "Essentials", "Deep Cover" featuring Tone Def & "Remarkable" featuring Keith Murray & Lord Tariq are all good, previously released tracks that provide memorable experiences. Other than that it's sad to say that Rahzel's newest mixtape fails to offer anything worth paying for. For diehard Rahzel fans, the album may be worth the pick up just for another piece in your collection. But if not, wait until Rahzel's next full length LP, which will hopefully mirror his debut more than his "Greatest Knockouts".

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