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Like most emcees, Rik Dex draws his inspirations from within. The pain and hardships of his past and the drama of the present seep through every rhyme, leaving the listener with a strong lasting impression of a conflicted artist. There is no denying the Staten Island emcee is an artist with a troubled past but also one with a bright future, and that is seen throughout his debut release "Not For Everybody, Perfect For Some".

The aptly titled debut release from Rik Dex is one that showcases the up and coming talent of Rik, but also one that proves the emcee has a lot of work to do. The strong of points of Rik's game is his ability to transport the pain and sorrow of his past into great songs. When Rik delves into his life is when we get some truly spectacular moments. The finest of these being "This Is Me Now", where Rik laces the track with his own autobiographic tales of growing up as a kid. Faced with the trauma of growing up with three different parents, Rik paints the track with his own vivid descriptions of agony and sorrow. The DJ Piklz produced track, who handles all of the albums production, is definitely the album's best cut. Piklz especially laces "This Is Me Now", as he utilizes the same angelic/operatic sample that Puffy used for the intro of "I'll Be Missing You".

"Past, Present, Future" is similar attempt, as Rik Dex dedicates each of his three verses to a separate time in his life. Rik's second verse is particularly strong, as he dedicates it to a love gone completely wrong. Piklz once again blazes the track with a nice piano loop, but not to forget the track's hook, which is beautifully done by Iris, who tops the track off perfectly. "Life Is Too Short", "Not For Everybody, Perfect For Some" & "Thoughts Late At Night" are more solid efforts featured on the album that succeed due to good production & solid hooks.

While introspective rhymes are Rik Dex's strong point, the other half of his game is battle raps. However, this is where Rik tends to come off a little shaky at times. While his flow is solid, lyrically his punch lines and metaphors can get stale and overused. The battle influenced "That's What's Up", "Once Again" & "Calling Your Bluff" are all tedious efforts that fail to provide consistent lyricism or production. However, as noted, Rik Dex can indeed deliver some great lyrical efforts, which is seen on hardcore sounds of "Battlefield Symphony 2004" and the appropriately titled "Orchestrated War".

There are a couple of attempts on "Not For Everybody, Perfect For Some", where Rik tries to switch things up and offer some more originality and variety. However, these forced attempts fail to blend with Rik's style and are obviously misplaced on the album. The more commercial, bounce sounds of "Catch Me In The Cut" & "Bounce With Me" are supposed to showcase Rik's commercial appeal but only come off as contrived in the end. "Versatility" is the other blatant misstep for Rik, as he tries too hard to switch things up with a doubled timed flow.

Overall, Rik Dex shows a lot of promise on his debut release, but also shows why he is an up and coming artist. As with any debut, there are some missteps, but there are also some standout moments that really draw you into Rik's world. With a nice flow and an ability to create strong hooks and songs, Rik Dex's "Not For Everybody, Perfect For Some" is a successful and solid effort. With some time and growth Rik Dex should be on the rise in the underground/independent circuit. And as the album title perfectly states, Rik Dex's debut is truly "Not For Everybody, Perfect For Some".

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