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Triple Seis is starting over. Its tough for any artist to be back at square one, but its been especially rough for Seis. With the lose of his mentor and best friend Big Pun, Seis' life was turned upside down. After Pun's death, Seis felt as if part of him died as well. With Pun gone, Seis eventually decided to part ways with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad, stating that nobody left in the crew had his back. Since then, Triple Seis has laid low. He has made various guest appearances on DJ Honda's and The Beatnuts album, but a solo deal never came to fruition until now.

With Madd Records stepping to the plate, Triple Seis has finally gotten the chance to prove to the world that he is much more than Big Pun's tag along emcee. Unfortunately, his debut album "Only Time 'LL Tell", is far too inconsistent to allow Seis to truly make a name for himself.

"Only Time 'LL Tell" is ultimately divided into two parts. On the one hand, Seis does a great job of producing gritty yet insightful street tales that show the inner pain of not only the streets but also Seis himself. However, on the other hand, almost half of album is geared towards making a big club hit, which is something Seis continually fails at doing. Almost all of the material on "Only Time 'LL Tell" ends up being spectacular or down right awful.

The horrible club attempts from Seis all lack any creative flare or production skill. They mostly rely on weak hooks, and cut and paste synthesizer production. The album's lead single "Krazy" is a bouncy, lust-filled attempt from Seis that intends to get every lady in the club going crazy. However, the lyrics are hit and miss, and while the R&B hook by Veronica is certainly catchy, its not very creative. The Psycho Les produced "Drinks Up" featuring Cuban Link & The Beatnuts, is a similar effort that is surprisingly different from anything you would expect from a Beatnuts produced track. Psycho Les definitely left the crates alone for this effort, giving Seis an extremely formulaic production effort. However, the worst commercial effort on the album is "La Shortie", a Latin influenced record that cannot overcome a horrendous hook, which simply repeats "Na, na, na, la shortie, la shortie".

Even though the commercial attempts on "Only Time 'LL Tell" are enough to scare every listener away, Seis rebounds nicely with his street influenced songs. Its clear that Seis is at his best when delves into his inner self and expresses the pain and hardship of his life. The album's best cut, "Love Put Me", is an amazing effort that finds Seis spilling his heart out over Cochese's soulful production. Seis rides the Isley Brothers sampled track perfectly, especially during his second verse, which he dedicates to his girl. "Now that you gone, see I was wrong all along. All I can do now is say I'm sorry in the song, I know I shouldn't have left you, alone with my seed. I still hear you crying, when I decided to leave. I always wondered why love wasn't as big as my dream".

The title track "Time 'LL Tell" is another brutally honest effort from Seis, who receives a great production effort from newcomer Rich Kid. Seis strongly conveys his message on the tracks hook, "things ain't never gonna change, everything in life will remain the same". While his standout third verse address the pain within, "this rap shit ain't no overnight success, where was you, through all the hard work and stress. For this I lost the best, wasn't there to see her first steps, dead broke". "Godfather" is another pain-influenced track, as Seis looks for answers on whether this rap game is really worth it. Reef's haunting production effort gives the song an eerie yet powerful vibe.

Even though Seis' best efforts on the album happen when he opens himself up to the listener, there are still some good hardcore tracks on the album as well. For the Bronx heads, "Be About It" is a nice collaboration with longtime friend Cuban Link, as the two possess nice chemistry. For the west coast, the Seis and Ice T collaboration of "Coast 2 Coast" surprisingly works well, even though T's verse is nothing to write home about. Finally, "Hustler" is of course a song dedicated to the BX blocks. The tracks melodic hook, which takes a page out of Tony Sunshine's book, gives the song a perfect vibe.

"Only Time 'LL Tell" had a chance to be an impressive album for Triple Seis, but unfortunately the overload of generic club songs forced his debut to be slightly above average. When Seis sticks to what he does best, the album really showcases the type of efforts Seis is capable of producing. Hopefully, next time Seis will focus on making a great album, instead of trying to appeal to everyone.

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