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written by Hugo Lunny    
The phrase "A long time coming" is extremely befitting for Truth Enola's "6 O'Clock Straight." Since he first appeared with De La Soul in the late 90's, I personally have been looking forward to a full length. In 1999, also alongside De La, he truly wet appetites with "Voicetress" (which also appears here). But it seemed like he consistently lurked within the shadows.

Four years later, Truth steps out of the shadows and into the limelight. With a very distinct, hollow (bordering raspy) voice, Truth flows smoothly and when he chooses to sing, manages to pull off all attempts.

From "All Alone" (produced by Geology) - discussing the worthlessness of experiencing things by yourself to "How Its Gonna Be" (featuring Phife Dawg), Truth experiments with different subjects and styles. "How Its Gonna Be" features a light-hearted feel provided by Phife and Enola which contains enough merit to allow the lack of depth. "Here I Am" also contains a similar tone, Enola gliding above the cool Celph Titled beat.

"Ain't Changed" and "I Need To Know," produced by Kutmasta Kurt and TheAre respectively are both nothing short of brilliant. Both have been previously released, but along the same lines of "Voicetress," the tracks surpass the confines of ordinary replay value. Enola's voice compliments each beat so very well that it isn't hard to keep listening repeatedly.

"6 O'Clock Straight" on the whole manages to prove that the wait was worth it. Using a variety of producers from Da Beatminerz and Celph Titled to Geology, De La Soul and Kutmasta Kurt, the production is very well planned. The only real problems with the album lie within the R&B fused track "I'm Sorry" (featuring Charlise) and "Know My Name". The former's hook has me cringing every time I hear it. The sung pandering comes off as laughable and although Joe Blast's beat is alright, and Truth's verses are decent, the hook and ad-libs help convince listeners to gain the incentive to avoid it. "Know My Name" is a track sincere in sentiment, but lacking in overall quality.

The wait was almost worth it, and if the track "I'm Sorry" is avoided at all costs, "6 O'Clock Straight" is a cool debut.

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