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People talk about change, but few ever take steps towards making anything happen. Wale Oyejide, also known as Science Fiction, is an artist that strongly works towards change. Wale is looking to make a difference not only musically, but also socially and politically. Having been born and raised in Nigeria before moving to the Middle East and the United States, Wale is certainly familiar with change. This is never more evident than on his newest release, "One Day, Everything Changed". The album is an amazing piece of musicianship that acts as a conceptual journey from Wale's birthplace of Nigeria, to his newfound home in the United States. Just as his debut album "Walls Don't Exist" did, "One Day, Everything Changed" offers a striking blend between jazz, hip-hop, soul and afro beat. The album is strongly rooted in his African heritage, making it one of the most unique and original albums to come out in recent memory.

The beauty of "One Day, Everything Changed" is its diversity. It is one of the few albums that "can double as both the soundtrack to a revolution and a love making session". It is this balance that keeps the album fresh and innovative at all times. On the revolutionary side of things, "Riot & Revolt" addresses police and political corruptness in places like Nigeria and the double-dealing media in the US. However, no matter who you are or where you are from, Wale's underlying message is all about change. "This is a song about change, ff you want change, you have to make it happen yourself". "There Is A War Going On" featuring Jay-Dee is another politically driven track, as Wale originally intended to remake Jay-Dee's "Fuck The Police", but in turn, ended up producing an entirely new track. While Jay's two verses are off topic, Wale's combination of singing and spoken word makes the biggest impression.

The second half of the album is geared towards the more personal and intimate side of Wale. While "Walls Dont Exist" was a dark but powerful album, "One Day, Everything Changed" finds Wale opening up to his listeners by dabbling in emotional love making songs. "Kaya" is dedicated to that special someone in his life, as the beautiful instrumental track is able to convey Wale's feeling and emotion without ever saying a word. On the flip side, "Ever After Part 2" finds Wale not on the side of love, but rage and anger, as Wale has to deal wit his cheating girlfriend. "I told my baby not to come on home with another man. One night she did, so I said, baby, I'm gonna grab my gun". There are always two sides to love, and while "Kaya" displays the affectionate side, "Ever After Part 2" displays the painful half.

"One Day, Everything Changed" is one of those unique albums that every listener can relate to, whether it be through love, pain or war. With "Walls Don't Exist" Wale proved he was one of Hip Hop's finest producers. However, with "One Day, Everything Changed" he proves he is not just a producer, but also an artist with the ability to make universal music.

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