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White Boy loves the word "nigga." In fact, he loves it so much he uses it repeatedly throughout his debut album "No Grey Area". However, the mere fact that White Boy has an obsession with dropping the N bomb is not the real problem plaguing his album. The real concern is his music.

There are always those few artists in Hip Hop that make you scratch your head in bewilderment. White Boy is one of those artists that just makes you wonder, "how did this guy get signed"? The Chicago native may have acquired the likes of Kanye West and Twista for his album, but its quite obvious it wasn't because of his talent. Instead of being himself, White Boy follows the industry blueprint on how to make a Hip Hop album.

First off, you have to make a pimp song. "Young Pimp" is White Boy's attempt at spitting out tricked out tales of womanizing. Even though White Boy proclaims "he's not the average pimp" and he "has the magic stick", the song will do more to scare away woman than to captivate them. Besides a pimp song, the industry guidelines say you have to make an overload of gimmicky club songs as well. "Do Dat Dance" attempts to get all the woman in the club "bouncing and shaking that ass", while the formulaic sounds of "Where The Party @" attempts to do the same. Next on the how to make a Hip Hop album checklist is a down south crunk song. The aptly titled "What!" takes a page out of Lil Jon's book, by not only stealing his signature phrase but his distinct production sound as well. With a hard hitting bass line that will surly bang in the club, White Boy drops his own lyrical clinic with creative lines like "You niggas know the deal, I'm the fucking G. Don't fuck with me, I don’t need your fucking company….and we crunk, nigga what, nigga what, huh, what!"

As far as the thugs go, do not fret, as White Boy has some songs for you too. "Can't Get Out The Game" featuring Johnny P & Bumpy Johnson, finds White Boy preaching there is other ways to get money than hustling on the streets. However, all of that changes on "Man Up", as White Boy's new change of attitude comes through full force on the songs hook. "Acting like a thug will get you fucked up, have your ass stretched out up in the club. If you think you a gangster, press your luck. Stop bumping your gums bitch, man up!" The album's lead single "U Know" featuring Kanye West is White Boy's best attempt at a hit. However, Kanye laces White Boy with a throw away beat and a recycled verse. White Boy doesn't manage to do any better, as he attempts to switch up his flow on his lackluster second verse.

The final step in order to make a rap album is to draw inspiration from the pain and anguish suffered throughout your lifetime. White Boy attempts to draw his listeners into his world by offering heartfelt tales of sorrow and emotion. "Growing Pains" finds White boy reminiscing about his past and all the struggles he had to go through. While the song is a nice change of pace, the gimmicky singsong hook is all but unbearable. Similarly, "U Turn My Whole World Around" is a soulful dedication to those that helped turn his life around, and is one of the better attempts on the album.

White Boy's "No Grey Area" is an extremely formulaic album that lacks any creativity. Instead of trying to find his own niche in the Hip Hop game, White Boy recycled every cliché hit making attempt in the book. While he packs a decent flow, White Boy needs to improve in a multitude of areas. And while having Kanye West and Twista on his album may draw attention from many, his skills unfortunately won't.

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