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If Lil Jon is the king of crunk, than the Ying Yang Twins are the court jesters. The two Atlanta based brothers, Kaine & D-Roc, provide a playful but frenetic atmosphere that has put crunk music on top the past two years. While they may not be good lyricists, what they succeed in bringing is energy, energy and more energy. The Twin's third album "Me & My Brother" officially put the group on the map and ever since then, the duo has enjoyed enormous success. The Ying Yang Twins look to continue such success with "My Brother & Me", their aptly titled ten track remix project.

With only ten tracks, plus a bonus DVD disc, "My Brother & Me" is more of a mixtape than anything. Combining their own remixes, as well as featured guest appearances, the release has its share of standout moments, but in the end the consumer will be left feeling empty.

The remix to Juvenile's "Slow Motion", which also features Wyclef Jean, is one of the better attempts that takes advantage of Dani Kartel's New Orleans cooking behind the boards. R&B songstress Yonnie teams up with the Twins for "In Da Club", which also features impressive production from up and comers Carlos & Da Da. But not to be outdone is the Twins in house producer Beat-In-Azz, who provides his usual assortment of thumping 808 bass and synth keys on "Gerogia Dome Remix" featuring Jacki-o and Fatman Scoop. Jacki especially blesses the track with her confident swagger and sultry sex appeal. And last but not least, the Twin's mega hit "Salt Shaker" makes two appearances, with the remix and extended version. Why both versions are included on the album is up for grabs, but the track still bangs nevertheless. With Juvenile, Murphy Lee, Lil Jon, Fat Joe, Pitbul, Jacki-o, BG & Fatman Scoop all jumping on the remix, the fun certainly never ends.

While the aforementioned tracks are the album's highlights, the rest of "My Brother & Me" is unfortunately mired in mediocrity. The overused and predictable marching band sounds of "Halftime" has been done time and time again, and needs to be put to rest, for the entire south's sake. "Take Ya Clothes Off" featuring Bone Crusher is another bland attempt, as is the stripper anthem "Do It" featuring The Mujicians & Nue Breed. However, the worst of them all is Nick Cannon's embarrassing crunk effort "Get Crunk Shorty". Over Just Blaze's predictable and recycled synthesizer production, Nick Cannon engulfs the mic with his weak wordplay and borrowed rhymes. "There is a lot of speculation on the monies I made, honey's I slain, does he write his rhymes, did he really cut his braids?".

"My Brother & Me" has its fair share of noteworthy tracks, but in the end, the albums ten cuts make for a short lived experience. It is obvious the Twins and TVT Records were trying to capitalize off of the duo's success the past year by re-releasing a year old album with a bunch of remixes and a bonus DVD disc. And for most Ying Yang Twins fans, "My Brother & Me" is probably an album you have already heard, whether you know it or not.

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