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The South is known for some other the industries hottest bangers, so it is no surprise that when Active South was ready to push its "Best Of" series it started out with "The Best Of The South". The 20 track compilation brings together innovative songs and rare tracks by some of the South biggest names along side its rising stars. The outcome is a big pot of gumbo soup, it sounds good when you say it, but the texture determines how good it will be.

TI collaborates with Alabama's own VSOP Boyz on the ride out anthem "Laces and Prices". Young Jeezy teams up alongside Macon Ga's innovative MC, Sonny Spoon (who is currently incarcerated on a lengthy drug trafficking charge) on "The Game". This track is a truly a gem, standing out. Lil Wayne and Birdman link up with a new artist that calls himself TA Smallz on the bass heavy "Get Mannish". None other than Juvenile gets it poppin' with The Village, a group out of Georgia on "Do It" Juvenile is definitely the jewel on this track, one of the MC's from The Village has a voice style similar to Mystical, which leaves a lot to be desired. However, in the middle of all this Southern slang there is a taste of the West that shows when Ocsar winning Three-6-Mafia get down with one of the premiere gangsta rappers from the West, Spice-1. The man that is known for sitting sideways and iced out grills, puts his stamp on"Walk Wit It" with former No Limit Solider Choppa and Hot Boy Ronald, but this track still falls short in many areas. I was starting to get worried that the album was lacking some of the industries legends when 8Ball and MJG arose and banged out an electrifying hit featuring the one and only Field Mob and Sonny Spoon is in the mix again. Lil Flip slides in with his track with ex Ruthless Recording artist Baby S entitled "Pimpin'". My only problem I have with this particular track is they are talking about pimpin hoes, when it sounds like they are the ones getting pimped.{is the beat suppose to ride you, or are you suppose to ride the beat?}. Just when you think you have heard it all another legend reers his head, Bun B, flows on"We Don't Play Dat" with a breath of fresh air, rapper Bodegia, backed by Lil Jon.

There are some glimpses of what I would label the Best Of The South. Nonetheless, I think there is far more misrepresentation than accurate encounters. Some of the songs seem like "molasses" and it is not easy listening. I love the South, it is home to me, but I also want the South to be taken seriously. So no matter how hot our Southern superstars are, mixing them with artist that do not seem to have a clue to what the art is all about and are spittin out of their a--, just doesn't work for me. The entire album is not bad Sonny Spoon is hot and I would love to hear more from him, Boeidaga represents pretty good also, and a few others throughout the album when we are talking about up and coming artist. Now, when it comes to our well known Southern pioneers, 8Ball and MJG, TI, Jeezy, Bun B, a special sprinkle of the North(Akon) all deliver. As always let's recap, should you buy it, burn it or run the other way? Well, I would say burn it! It does have some heat just not a full fire. I am looking forward to Volume 2, hopefully it will be a true reflection "The Best Of The South".

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