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Cassie the Sassy

I was excited to get Cassie's self titled album after hearing the hot single "Me and You" alllll summer lonnnnng. My friend over-built my expectations; "She's like Aaliyah!" he yammered. Well, that isn't true. At all. It is slightly insulting even (RIP baby girl). However, Cassie does have her own thing going on.

Cassie's lyrical style is unique. She has a breathy, effortless way of singing. It is like she was talking and just added a hint of melody when she exhales. Although the beats behind her non-singles are absolutely not remarkable, bordering on repetitive and totally played out, it's the lyrical content that sets her apart. Her lyrics betray unmistakable confidence, self respect and just ooze sexy. It is nice to see a woman in hip hop with tracks that aren't about getting up on it, but telling dudes to get up off it because they aren't good enough. Why is this important? Because the hip-hop culture has devolved to the point where men seem to believe that woman are only interested in cars (rainbow cadillacs, , ,), grillz, ice, and other stupid shit. What women should be demanding: being treated right, respected, honored and worked for, and Cassie does it.

I would like to especially comment on the second single, "Long Way to Go". Cassie delivers her put downs with factuality:

Male vocal: "You're not into it?" Cassie: "I'm not into it."

"They can't handle it?" Cassie "They can't handle it. Try to take me out to do dinner, I cancel it," she says with disdain. No condescension; it's a fact, guys can't handle her, she knows it's true.

Despite unfair support from Sean Combs, considering the talent out there that is way better than Cassie, such as Ciara, Ashanti, Jean Gray, Miss Dynamite, JoJo and others, Cassie isn't half bad and just snappy enough to keep our attention.

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