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written by Dale Coachman    
Finally it's here!!! This is what it felt like when September 19th came. After multiple set backs of release dates and problems with the leaking of much of the 1st and 15 artist's album there was some renovation to Lupe Fiasco's debut Food & Liquor. Knowing its cliché to say but this is an exception but this album was definitely worth the wait. I must be honest I heard much of the album prior to the release date but this does not negate the fact that this is still a must have in anyone's music collection across the board not just for hip-hop heads.

By now we have already heard the whole story of Lupe from where he was raised, his religious background, the contract with Reebok, the Grammy, collaborating with as he calls him Mr. Kanye West and being a part of the emerging skateboard culture in hip-hop that has everyone dressing like they are headed to the X-Games Lupe has given the world a piece of him illegally and finally legally.

Food & Liquor sounds like an on point lyrical soundtrack to everything he has been through up unto this point, to everything that may happen in the future, and what may need to change. Discussing issues of American politics and government policies, love, his bout with hip-hop, being raised in a fatherless home(which sadly to say has become the trademark on every hip-hop album, which may say something of the state of the African- American family) and everything in between. The track that sums of Lupe Fiasco and his mind best is Hurt Me Soul which paints a portrait of America and how it has become a sick twisted society and a@% backwards for what is celebrated,

"…Brazilian adolescent dis-armament, Israeli occupation, Islamic martyrdom precise, yeah, laser targetin oil for food barterin, terrorist organization harborin, sand camouflauge army men, CCF sponsorin world conquerin telephone monitorin, Louis Vouton modelin, pornographic actress honorin string theory ponderin, bulimic vomittin, catholic priest fondolin, preemptive bombin Osama and Obaminem, they breakin in my car again, deforestation and overlogginin, Hennessey and Hypnotic swallowin, hydroponic coughinin, all the world's ills sittin on chrome 24 inch wheels like that. "

Lupe has made his mark with Food & Liquor that can be seen in the title itself. In this world you have your food and you have your liquor and Lupe has appeared to have found the balance between both. Too much of anything isn't good for the soul and hip-hop right now is a clear example of that and I think Chicagoan artist is out to level the playing field.

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